Who Offers SonicWALL Support In Atlanta?

Contact Centerpoint today for an initial assessment of your environment and to find out more about our SonicWALL support in Atlanta.

Professional Support For SonicWALL Products Throughout Metro Atlanta

Contact Centerpoint today for an initial assessment of your environment and to find out more about our SonicWALL support in Atlanta.  

About 43% of cyber attacks targeted small businesses, so it’s important to take action and keep your organization out of that statistic. SonicWALL offers the following functionality:

  • Virtual firewall offering next-gen security in the cloud for multi-cloud and hybrid ecosystems.
  • Secure email that shields your business from email threats, such as ransomware, BEC and phishing attacks.
  • Endpoint protection with sophisticated detection and response (EDR).
  • Defend devices with a customized risk evaluation that aids detection and prevention.

Look for the best SonicWALL support in Atlanta to help you design and execute robust security protocols.

What Can SonicWALL Support in Atlanta Do for You?

Because cyberattacks are unrelenting and increasing every day, you need a partner with advanced technology to combat the sophistication and intensity of these attacks. Learn more about outsourcing your security for tighter control over who has access to your company and customer data.

For comprehensive SonicWALL support in Atlanta, contact Centerpoint, a local IT services company that partners closely with SonicWALL to keep your data and networks secure.

What Are the Advantages of Using SonicWALL?

Centerpoint, armed with SonicWALL technology, can provide security as a service. When you outsource your network security to experts in the field, you get the knowledge and experience of certified partners. This includes effective firewalls and proven security technologies.

Have Your Firewall Solution Set Up By Expert Engineers

We build your firewalls to meet the needs of your industry and operations. SonicWALL firewall technology blocks threats at entry points such as mobile devices, employee laptops and desktops. (Did you know that even cameras are now vulnerable to malware attacks?)

Efficiencies of a Turnkey Security Solution

When you outsource your cybersecurity to seasoned experts, you get firewalls with anti-malware guarding the gates as well as intrusion prevention and advanced filters. Our SonicWALL support in Atlanta includes installation, configuration, deployment and management. Through proactive reporting and monitoring, Centerpoint identifies threats before your business succumbs to a data breach.

Go Mobile

By hiring SonicWALL support in Atlanta you can also upgrade your system and make it more convenient for users. Enjoy the convenience of the digital revolution. Your employees can log into your network securely from any location and on all their devices.

Secure mobile access includes a VPN for Apple iOS, Android devices, Windows, and guest vendors. This is the tighter control over access points you’ve been waiting for — and it doesn’t restrict your users.

Why Can You Rely on Centerpoint for SonicWALL Support in Atlanta?

SonicWALL support in Atlanta provides a range of features to protect your network. Centerpoint specializes in implementing Sonic WALL firewalls. These devices block access to social media, web-based email and online accounts so employees stay focused at work. This also reduces your threat risk.

Protect your servers and desktops from hacking attempts with:

  • Internet failover to enable backup ISP service
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • SSL VPN for added security when accessing networks on laptops and tablets
  • Gateway Antivirus turns away viruses at the door
  • Home and office remote support via Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Web/content filtering blocks known or suspected malicious websites

Cybercrime is on the rise and even the FBI struggles to keep up with hackers. “Who is behind such attacks? It runs the gamut—from computer geeks looking for bragging rights, to businesses trying to gain an upper hand in the marketplace by hacking competitor websites, from rings of criminals wanting to steal personal information and sell it on black markets, to spies and terrorists looking to rob our nation of vital information or launch cyber strikes,” according to the FBI cyber crime site.

SonicWALL Support In Atlanta

Contact Centerpoint today for an initial assessment of your environment and to find out more about our SonicWALL support in Atlanta.