Soft Skills for Hard Problems: Essential IT Skills for Law Firms

Important skills for IT professionals when working with law firms.

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For law firms, its incredibly important their IT staff can keep up and deliver given the details that a lawyers occupation requires. With this being said, heres a look at what skills IT professionals need when working with a law firm.

  • Meeting & Deal-Making Skills — Having a skilled IT staff that can work with others is essential for a law firm to function properly. If everyone can remain on the same page when reaching a desired objective… there will be few to no issues in regards to the execution of the given task.
  • Working as a Team Player — It can be very easy for IT professionals to get wrapped up in their work and remain stuck in their bubble. However, its important that the IT staff communicates with the law firm to assure them that theyre working in favor of the firm. In addition to making the work environment healthy for everyone, it also makes the IT staff candidates for promotion.
  • Teaching & Mentoring — Regardless of how simple the problem may be for the IT staff, the IT staff needs to explain a problem in layman terms so that the firm can understand whats wrong (or understand how the problem was corrected). In addition to being helpful for the firms cause and resolving gray areas, it helps the law firm understand that everyone is in the project together. However, its important for the IT staff to not be condescending when explaining (even the simplest) issues.
  • A Solid Understanding of Politics — Understanding politics helps forge lasting relationships. In addition to helping a working group hold a conversation, understanding politics helps facilitate success and project cooperation.
  • Having a Sixth Sense Regarding Productivity — IT staff can take formal training programs that focus on PM methodology. Since it can take years of project management to develop a sixth sense to evaluate how a project is progressing, it means that these training programs can be invaluable for IT in the workplace.

Considering this information, its fairly important for a law firm to have the right people in their corner when it comes to IT work. Thankfully, Centerpoint IT is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks and news. Contact us at (404) 781-0200 or send us an email at for more information.