Small Business Sees 40% YoY Growth in the Business Technology Market by Focusing on These 3 Really Important Things

2087021_Business-Growth-Drawing-Chart-Performance-700x450-300x192Small businesses and startups in Atlanta want to know what makes a company successful in today’s business world and tech market, and we think we have the fundamentals figured out.

Not only do we have some of those answers; we can explain those answers within the next 300 words.

Right now, you are thinking, who do these guys think they are? Well, we recently crunched the numbers for our company revenues for the last quarter. Our performance has increased steadily and is on pace with a 40% YOY growth.

Sure, some small and mid-sized businesses enjoy more accelerated growth than we do, and by no means are we saying we do everything perfectly. But to us, our consistent track record validates our Mission and Values. Now is a time to celebrate what we are doing correctly.

Emphasis on Customer Service DEVOTION to Our Customers

Customer service lay at the heart of what we do. First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our great, dedicated employees for the hard work they put into our company, and our clients. As a part of training, we have them read Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness, and that helps us keep our passion for serving high throughout the organization. That book is infectious in the best way possible.

Under the Centerpoint hood, we continually drive ourselves to find the most useful communications technology. We strive to give our customers the edge they need to perform. That means listening to their challenges and needs. We also proactively monitor the market with those challenges in mind, bringing back the most qualified, groundbreaking communications technology.

Chris, Fred and Wayne (our founders) created Centerpoint to address widespread communication needs in the business market. Back in 2001, voice-over-IP phone systems were the gamechanger. But we didn’t stop searching for even better solutions. Nowadays, many of optimal solutions combine hardware, software and cloud-enabled software (SaaS).

Who knows what will happen next? But for now, we can say that our success is built on three simple ideas:

  1. Be passionate about making your customers happy.
  2. Teach your employees to value the customer as much as you do.
  3. Be willing to try anything to serve your customers better.