Should I Pay for an Android Mobile Backup?


There are now a ton of options out there to handle your mobile backup, but which one is the right one? Let’s take a look at some of the main issues that will guide your decision, as well as the technology out there right now.

Many mobile devices already have a backup program, which is either primed and ready for you to activate, or which might already be working for you. Verizon sets up backups automatically; Samsung devices offer a piece of software, called Kies, which allows you to backup your phone through a USB connection to your computer. In order to decide which of these to use, or whether you will need to grab something from the Android Market, it will help to determine what you want in terms of scope, upkeep and convenience.


On the Android Market, My Contacts Backup automatically backs up your contacts information, and supports easy transfer to new smartphones. This makes it a great choice if you do not use your phone for much more than dialing numbers and receiving calls. But it is limited in its scope because it does not cover any other data types. Photographers and sensitive-data users will need either more backup apps, or a broader solution.


A number of free solutions enable manual backups of your mobile device onto your computer. Samsung’s Kies allows you to hook up a USB cable and push your mobile data to your PC. The main advantage here is the broad scope, or the ability to keep EVERYTHING in one secure location. But the downside is having to initiate the data transfer by hand.


If you are receiving and storing important data on a daily or weekly basis, you might not want to be forced to manually transfer data. There are a number of free apps that will help you. If photographs and videos are your primary concern, then Google+ has an auto-backup feature for these. Simply install the Google+ app, and it will automatically upload your photos to a private and secure location.

Avoiding all the hassle and rigmarole of technological decision-making costs a small annual expense. We like McAfee’s backup solution, which will take care of your mobile data for $30/year. Or check with your security provider for their mobile options.