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Imagine a friend has invited you to lunch. His office is only a couple of blocks away, so he says he will stop by the office and pick you up. Of course, you are happy for the convenience and the thoughtfulness he has showed – all the qualities of a great friend.

You are just exiting the building when he pulls up in an old Porsche 911 Turbo. The engine purrs clean and powerful under the hood. You sit down next to him ready for a great lunch hour. “Not a bad ride…” you say, impressed.

“Oh, this old thing?” he jokingly responds, “Thanks. I picked it up at an auction last week. Best purchase decision I ever made.” He shifts into first gear and turns onto the street. Every muscle is ready for him to open the throttle and burn.

Instead, he places both hands on the wheel and slowly accelerates up to the speed of traffic. The RPMs are close to the red. The engine wheezes frantically, like a panther at dawn.

He takes his foot off the gas and your head jolts forward. Whiplash. The experience continues like this, all the way to the restaurant. You are too stunned to speak. He does not realize there are more gears than número uno.

How do you feel? Surprised? Judgmental? After the initial shock, you might also feel a bit of excitement because of the simple piece of advice you are about to give him, which will change his life…

There are another 5 gears in his gearbox. They are called VMWare and the Teradici Chip.

The Teradici chip is PC over IP (PCoIP) optimized. It supports the virtual desktop infrastructure, seamlessly allocating computing resources on an as-needed basis. The benefits in terms of video quality, performance, and energy savings are…substantial.

There are plenty of other technical terms we could throw at you, but they will not mean as much as this video of Teradici’s Ziam Lammam. He takes Brian Madden through a testdrive of the Teradici Multi-Server upload card, which they released a couple of years ago. The results are pretty exciting.

And, as always, feel free to call us with any questions or for a free demo.

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