Secure File-Sharing for a Bigger Network


You might have noticed: business is getting more complicated. Instead of one full-time, Atlanta worker, you have five telecommuters. Instead of one IT vender, you have 10. This isn’t an isolated event. You are not the only business to experience this increase in network demands, and for better or for worse, the trend is here to stay.

There is a very clear line of causation from the prominence of “3rd Platform” technologies (cloud, mobile phones, tablets) to the massive acceleration in IT consumption and usage. We are watching IT spend grow at well over 10%, with 3rd Platform and Big Data leading the charge.

Mobile, 3rd Platform technology essentially creates new points of contact, bringing powerful processing speed to handheld devices. This enhances workflow no matter where you are in the world. Distance is no longer an issue, and businesses that exploit these new features are getting ahead – in terms of the talent they can reach, and in terms of the clients they can sell.

3rd Platform tech will enable workers, vendors, and clients from across the globe to communicate effectively while they work collaboratively to generate the most value. Box, a cloud-enabled file-sharing service, is a great case-in-point.

Group-based Access in Box

Box is a cloud-powered service that supports secure, smart file-sharing across your network. Unlike its free competitor, DropBox, Box is devised for professional-grade file-sharing. Use group-based access to give vendors a secure portal for download of designated files. Give clients access with a different password, which takes them to a different range of folders and files they need to do business with you.

Have a look at some of the other features our clients find useful:

  • Auditing
  • Full-text search
  • Password-protected sharing
  • Real-time update notifications
  • Plug-ins to Outlook and other Office products
  • File retention and expiration policy
  • Integration with Salesforce and Google Apps
  • Unlimited storage
  • Role-based access

Want to be a part of the IT revolution? Give us a call for a free tour to see how Box can enhance your workflow. Or… come back next week to see how some of our clients are using Box to minimize their IT costs.