Seamless Video-Conferencing and Screen-Sharing for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses


You see 24 of your employees seated in chairs, some of whom are sliding documents to each other and commenting on the Powerpoint slide on the main screen. Meanwhile, the presenter gives his monthly update to the group. He gestures at an image up on the main screen, and the excited expression on his face infects the group more than the upward trajectory of his regional sales figures. The environment is electric, and everyone can feel the momentum.

Capturing all of these complex interactions across digital media requires sophisticated, well-executed technology. Only a few years have passed since virtual conferencing has come close to reproducing the magic of a shared room, even for multinational corporations like IBM. But only in the last year have we seen enterprise-class conferencing technology for small and mid-sized businesses.

We are referring to iMeet.

Introducing iMeet: A Few Enterprise-Level Features

iMeet brings enterprise-level virtual conferencing functionality to a cost that any business can afford. Here are a few of the major points of difference:

  • Call-me option so you do not need to use a dial-in or password ID
  • Single-click DVR for easy playback
  • Easy screen-sharing
  • Cloud-based file cabinet for storage and retrieval from anywhere
  • Quick host-switching, so you can allow other participants to give presentations
  • Active Talker always identifies the current speaker to avoid confusion
  • Integrated social media
  • Productivity tools, such as chat and meeting notes
  • Up to 125 participants can conference
  • At any given time, 15 of those participants can broadcast via webcam
  • These features enable truly collaborative meeting experiences, which are accessible to any authorized device – phone, tablet, workstation or laptop. Any employee with an invitation can log in and collaborate in real time with high-quality voice, video, and sharing.

The Company behind iMeet: PGi

iMeet is designed by PGi, a leader in the virtual meeting space. For more than 20 years, PGi’s proprietary solutions have helped their customers face the networking and collaboration challenges of the new, global marketplace. Their technology currently improves communications and planning for more than 40,000 businesses in 25 countries.

PGi has designed a streamlined application and an intuitive interface. Its voice quality is superior to its competitors. We are very pleased to offer this new product to our customers for a $40 monthly fee and are excited to see how much it improves core business functioning. If you have any more questions about this game changer, give us a call!