Who Says You Can’t Work AND Play?

Going Out On A “Sales Call”

There is no shortage of perfectly valid reasons to leave the office in the middle of your workday. There are clients to check in with, projects to complete, and sales calls to make. Just because you’re not at your desk, it doesn’t mean you’re slacking off. That being said, where exactly you go when you leave the office is entirely up to you. As long as you’re getting work done, there’s no reason your boss needs to know where you disappeared to. In fact, chances are your boss is doing some disappearing of their own.

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Convincing businesses to adopt new technology solutions can sometimes be tricky, which is why Centerpoint IT is big on practicing what we preach. Especially when it comes to mobile technology.

A bit of ongoing office humor involves a very particular type of “Sales Call.” It’s common knowledge among the Centerpoint team that during the summer months, a late afternoon sales call for Chris means he’s headed out on the water. Sales Call just so happens to be the name of Chris’ boat. And it also happens to be an excellent example of using technology to your advantage.

The goal may be to spend time wake surfing with his family and preparing for the next competition, but it doesn’t mean Chris is off the clock. The right technology allows you to be “in the office” no matter where you happen to be. A mobile app can grant access to business resources, and a cloud-based virtual environment lets you log in to your desktop from home, from your car, or yes, even from your boat.

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A waterproof headset, Allworx Reach mobile phone app, and a virtual desktop lets Chris stay connected to colleagues and clients if need be, and makes enjoying the sunshine while still staying productive easy. Most importantly, the Centerpoint team knows that if we need him, Chris is still available.

When technology gives you that kind of freedom, finding a comfortable balance between work and play is simple. You’ll never need to worry you’re missing something important by stepping away from your desk a little early. And you’ll never have to sacrifice time with your family and friends because you might get a call or an email that requires an immediate response, or find yourself running all the way back to the office to handle something that will only take a few minutes.

With so much focus placed on all the ways technology can help make your workday more efficient, and help you to bring in more business and more profits, it’s easy to overlook the flipside of that coin; all those great productivity tools you keep hearing about don’t just benefit your bottom line – they help your team to be the best version of themselves. Take away the stress of trying to split your time between work and home without shortchanging one or the other, and watch your team thrive.

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