Relocating Your Atlanta Office? How Can Your IT Provider Help?

Relocating your office is stressful and time-consuming. Trying to pack up and reinstall your technology and phones adds another level of complexity to your move.

Moving Your Office In 2019?  Searching For A Company That Can Help With Your Office Data Cabling?

Relocating your office is stressful and time-consuming. Trying to pack up and reinstall your technology and phones adds another level of complexity to your move.

Proper planning is key – especially when it comes to your technology and business phones. If you don’t, you can end up with significant connectivity and functionality issues in your new facility.

Did you know that 70% of managers responsible for IT moves are no longer with their company after six months of the move?

Because your technology and communications support all phases of your business operations, if you end up with an inadequate infrastructure it could negatively affect your productivity and efficiency. Not having internet or phone service, even for just a day, can be devastating.

How Can Your Atlanta Data Cabling & Business Telephone Services Company Help?

Your Atlanta GA IT Provider is your best friend where IT and business phone relocations are involved.

Here’s are six questions you should ask:

  1. Can Your IT Provider Oversee Your IT and Phone Relocation? Make sure that you go over your relocation plan with your IT service company, so they’ll know how many employees will require service and what access speed you’ll need in your new office. The same goes for your business phone service. If you are staying with the same provider you still need to conduct a thorough analysis of exactly which phone services you’re going to need, and how many employees will be on the phone network.
  2. Can They Consult With Your Carrier Services To Ensure You’re Paying For The Services You Need And Nothing More? It’s time to reassess what your Internet Service Provider and phone carrier provide. Are their services delivering the value you’re looking for? Ask your IT professional to liaison with your phone service and internet provider. They can also determine if you’ll have the connectivity, bandwidth, and functionality you require. They can also make sure that you’re not paying for services you don’t need.
  3. What About The Structured Cabling In Your New Location? Structured cabling supports your office’s IT and business phone connectivity. If planned and installed correctly it will facilitate the success of your relocation. Centerpoint IT can provide all the cabling you need in a comprehensive cabling plan right from the start. They can implement an easy-to-manage network infrastructure that supports things everything from your Wi-Fi and cloud computing to your IP PBX system and more. Rather than depending on different vendors for your computer hardware, data networks and business phone system, your IT service company can install and implement a system that works for everything. If not, you’ll end up with a retro-fitted system that might not integrate properly. With expanding requirements for bandwidth, the traditional point-to-point cabling of years past isn’t enough. Recognizing the need for modernization and future planning for technology turns the best businesses into great businesses.
  4. Are You Missing Out On Any New IT Or Business Phone Opportunities? When planning your move, don’t miss the opportunity to reassess your IT and phone needs. You’re planning and relocating anyway. Why not take this opportunity to consider an update to your technology and business phones? Don’t let the status quo hold you back. You may be missing out on productivity and increased efficiency if you do. Ask your IT provider if there are ways to streamline your operations with new technology? Can your IT provider find new ways for you to go paperless? IT solutions like virtual private networks, virtualization and IP business phones provide business continuity. You’ll be able to access all your applications and files securely from wherever you have an internet connection. With the right IT solutions and business phone services, your staff’s productivity will soar. And, you’ll be able to serve your customers if you’re out of the office for any reason.
  5. Can They Help You Set Up Remote Working Arrangements For Your Staff? What about your mobile solutions? This is a great time to support the mobility of your workforce. This can increase their efficiencies and productivity enormously. Your staff won’t lose work time due to limited computer access. They’ll be able to work from home. Or when traveling, with solutions like Microsoft Office 365, they can collaborate on projects in real time. Your productivity will be off the charts. What about your business phones? Are you benefitting from the new IP phones that provide your mobile workforce with the same innovative features they have in the office when they’re on the go? This is also a good time to think about having them work from home during the relocation to prevent any work downtime. You may find that this setup works better than you thought it could. It’s a great way to determine who can work remotely and who you need in the office. At least until everything has been properly installed and set up, working from home might be the best solution if you have remote access to your network and business phones.
  6. Is This A Good Time To Migrate To Cloud Computing? Think about it: Instead of moving your costly, frustrating on-premises equipment, you can move to the Cloud. With services like Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service, you won’t have to worry about upgrades, patching, licensing or outdated technology. You can cut costs in terms of purchasing, maintaining, and supporting equipment while enhancing productivity and collaboration throughout your workforce, Selecting a public, private, hybrid or community cloud implementation will depend on your unique application, performance, security and compliance requirements. With the right IT provider and cloud deployment, your business can realize significant savings, better IT services and a higher level of reliability.

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