Regular IT Checkups for the Health of Your Business

Consider us your business physician of information technology. Just as you need to go in for annual physicals, your business needs to come in and see us. We like to meet with you between 2 and 4 times per year to take your business pulse – without expectations, ready to hear either perfect health or fluid in the lungs.

If we do not see a way for technology to improve your operations, then we pack up our medkit, congratulate you on a job well done and return home. If we do, we’ll tell you how IT can help. Often, the solution is simpler than you might think.

The Wi-Fi Revelation

In the fall of 2003, cofounder Wayne Gosselin sat down with a COO during for a routine checkup. She reported, “Yea, we have people coming into the conference room all the time. Boy, I wish there was a way that we could hook ‘em up to the Internet. We don’t have very many ethernet cables in here, so we’re always a little stretched when the room fills up.” She knew the problem but didn’t know there was a simple solution.

Wayne suggested she install a wireless access point, and the COO was pleasantly surprised. At that time, wireless wasn’t as commonplace as it is today, but it was not difficult for us to figure out.

Technical Solutions Driving Operational Improvement

Because we live in the IT industry, we know about the most effective and elegant solutions for your business concerns. We need to know what those concerns are first, before we can apply our specialized knowledge. In our conferences, we try to shy away from technology for that reason. We speak your language, asking questions like, “What would make your clients happier? What would make your business run better? What would help you make more money, or help keep your clients longer?”

As we engage with you, we gain a better understanding of your challenges, as well as how we can help you overcome them. In the meantime, we stay engaged in order to work toward the same goal.

Know Someone Suffering From Bad Tech?

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