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Ready For COVID Round 2?

Is Your Atlanta Business Prepared for the Next COVID Disruption?

The initial COVID-19 disruption took many industry leaders by surprise. Never before were decision-makers tasked with shuttering workspaces and finding ways to maintain productivity. On the one hand, organizations were blessed by the fact remote capabilities are a reality. On the other, hackers were a curse that preyed upon newly minted work-from-home employees.

Companies in the greater Atlanta area were particularly hard hit, and we could be facing another stay-at-home mandate should infection rates spike. Even if we are fortunate enough to beat the virus and return to some semblance of normalcy, remote workforces have proven beneficial. The essential question business leaders must answer right now is whether your organization has the remote infrastructure and hardened cybersecurity defenses, come what may.

Build Remote Infrastructure While There’s Time

A recent study conducted by S&P Global Market Intelligence indicates that upward of 80 percent of organizations pivoted to work-from-home strategies during the first surge. As businesses open in phases, more than two-thirds anticipate keeping remote practices and policies in place. The survey also shows that only 19 percent wish to fully staff workspaces once limits are lifted.

When the first wave hit, many businesses found themselves scrambling to provide employees with the tools necessary to work from home. Many allowed staff members to use personal devices and desktops that were not necessarily designed or ready to manage professional tasks. It was no surprise to discover products were scarce and on backorder as supply chains ground to a halt. Such is no longer the case.

Because manufacturing is largely operational and supply chains suffer only modest delays, it’s essential to secure the pro-level tools needed to seamlessly do business remotely. This will also involve having a managed IT professional setup enterprise-level infrastructure that includes the following.

  • Manage Network Bandwidth
  • Setup Business-Grade Computers & Accessories
  • Leverage E-Signature Platforms
  • Extend Necessary Licenses to Offsite Employees
  • Establish Private Virtual Networks
  • Engage Managed IT Service Support to All Stakeholders

It may be the case that we are in the eye of the hurricane. Proactive strategies to weather the next storm could mean the difference between survival and bankruptcy. Time is of the essence to maximize remote productivity.

Harden Your Cybersecurity Defenses For The Future

It’s no secret that hackers exploited fear, anxiety, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities during the initial surge. As untrained remote workers leveraged personal devices and less-than-secure networks, cybercriminals had a field day. Some of the genuinely frightening statistics that business leaders should be concerned about include the fact that a hack occurs every 39 seconds and online criminals steal upwards of 75 digital records every second.

No one is immune, and the only cure is robust cybersecurity defenses. As a cybersecurity leader protecting organizations in the greater Atlanta area, these are measures that could deter cybercriminals.

  • Professional-Grade Antivirus Software
  • Enterprise-Level Firewalls
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Update & Patch Outdated Software
  • Implement Zero-Trust Login Protocols
  • Encrypt Electronic File Transmission
  • Secure Endpoint Devices
  • Establish a Policy that Limits Devices with Network Access
  • Provide Ongoing Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Splashy headlines about data breaches tend to make small and mid-sized company leaders believe that hackers are focused exclusively on large corporations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A cybercriminal on a laptop halfway around the world scours the internet for vulnerable organizations of all sizes. They are more likely to prey on weak defenses than spend time penetrating robust security. One of the greatest concerns in the time of COVID is training remote workers about email phishing schemes and conducting business safely.

As a managed IT and cybersecurity leader in the Atlanta area, we deliver top-tier services and security. Our goal is to help our colleagues in the business community to maximize your technology and keep digital assets secure. If you are unsure about second wave preparedness or anticipate using long-term remote infrastructure, contact CenterPoint for a consultation.

Know Someone Suffering From Bad Tech?

Centerpoint IT Wants To Help.