Private cloud offers significant new benefits that pick up where virtualization leaves off. Impressive datacenter cost savings and capacity are the recognized hallmarks of virtualization. Yet private cloud brings even more powerful advantages to bear. Private cloud allows you to realize vast, new levels of business and management applications—such as automation and self-service. Now you may manage everything over public cloud environments to support your unique needs. Private cloud gives you the unheard-of power, control and agility that virtualization cannot match.

A cloud that befits your needs.

Centerpoint opens the doors to your own private cloud by offering hosted servers, hosted desktops, hosted exchange, and offsite back-up and server images for business continuity in the cloud. In addition, we can create extraordinary private cloud solutions which are sited either in-house or co-located within a datacenter.

We also provide public cloud solutions which are hosted on the back end, in close partnership with leading companies like IBM. Public, Internet-based cloud computing has become so attractive thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, high-speed connections and data-intensive mobile apps. For end users, cloud computing often means browser-based interfaces that allow IT to be ordered and accessed almost immediately. For businesses, the attraction of public cloud computing is the drastically reduced costs.

At Centerpoint, our cloud experts hold Microsoft Certifications. These professionals are highly adept at engaging closely with clients to ensure their cloud solution fit their business’s precise needs and budget. In addition, our private cloud solutions are designed for easy set up and immediate use. Now is the right time to learn how a private or public cloud can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


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