Protecting Your Small Business from Information Theft

Imagine you have recently purchased and are now the proud owner of the latest and greatest home alarm system, the AR 5 Billion.x. The AR 5 Billion.x utilizes micro-imaging software in conjunction with thousands of incredibly small cameras. These are placed at all points of entry and at many points you would normally consider impassable. If an intruder is detected, the system will immediately alert a security guard of the threat. With the AR 5 Billion.x, you are invulnerable.

The next day, you invite a stranger into your home and turn your back to take a phone call. Surely, the person would be a fool to try anything. The criminal performs a vulcan death grip until you pass out, then proceeds to take your most valuable possession, escaping unharmed with precious booty in hand. Then, poof, he disappears – never to be seen again.

Smart Information Thieves Work across Platforms

Our firewall works similarly to the AR 5 Billion.x mentioned above. We partner with Dell-Sonicwall for our security solutions, and they continuously harden your defenses against the newest and deadliest threats. But even if the firewall were impervious to attack, it would not protect human resource access points.

Protecting the perimeter of your network is a good start, but employees are also potential points of entry. Hackers use a tactic called “phishing” to gain entrance through employees. They send an email, disguised as an article of business. The email contains a poisoned attachment. If the employee clicks on the attachment, they initiate the hacker’s program. Some of these programs will attempt to remain undetected, sending sensitive information from the workstation to the hacker. Other packages contain viruses that quickly deploy throughout your network.

Defending your business from information theft requires an active and regularly updated firewall, but security also depends on your company’s awareness of potential security threats. Send your employees a link to Microsoft’s What is Phishing page and add a critical layer of protection to your organization.