Protect Your Business from Phishing with Email Filtering Services


Phishing is a form of hack that has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the 18 months leading up to 2013, Infosec Institute estimates that phishing emails caused $2.1 billion in losses. The frequency of attacks were up by 19% in the second half of 2012 when compared to a year prior. Atlanta, Georgia has recently been subject to our own identity thievery too.

A local school system here was the unfortunate target of a phishing attack recently. School district residents received an email purporting to be from a school administrator. The message requested recipients to click on a link and input their credentials. Although many did not respond to the message, a handful of people fell prey. One man even wrote down his checking account number, which essentially gave the criminals all they needed to rob him.

If you use a POP3 email account for your business, such as GMail or AOL, your organization is equally vulnerable to phishing attacks, but there are solutions that can protect you.

McAfee Protects Your Business from Phishing

Intel offers a powerful email filtering solution for phishing attacks, which scans your email before delivery. More advanced than the spam filter you find on Gmail and other POP3 accounts, MX Logic can detect viruses and phishing emails. Then, according to your preset instructions, the filter either delivers potentially threatening messages with a warning, or it can block the email entirely. The solution protects you from one of the most present dangers to your organization and your employees today. It also provides a number of other advantages in terms of your workflow and efficiency.

Upgrading your company email services makes your job easier. It is similar to the difference between switching from an Android to the iPhone. Operations that should be simple are simple. We recently blogged about this, comedically {comparing POP3 to a dysfunctional relationship – The Solution to POP3 Email Clunkiness is Microsoft Exchange}. Check it out and see if the solution to your security issues might also put a stop to everyday email annoyance too.

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