Premium Cloud Security Is Just 2 Steps Away


Last week, we wrote about the recent Apple nude photo hack and harped on cloud security. Getting hacked is a significant challenge, even for large, tech-savvy enterprises. The question is: how can the Atlanta SMB market protect digital assets in the cloud?


We brought up cloud-enabled security services as a possible solution, looking specifically at Alert Logic. Alert Logic is an innovative, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security solution. They bring their expert-level knowledge and resources to the fingertips of small businesses for a low monthly cost.


Now we are going to take the discussion up one level, to the state of security, as a whole. There are some general safety measures that every company can take to increase security at no cost.


It all starts with the the biggest problem with security today: the password.


A long time ago, we wrote a blog about how you can improve your security with better passwords. That article is still useful, and if you have not read it, we would advise you to do so. Here, we would like to talk about another protection that has evolved a lot since then.

2-Step Verification: Whenever Possible!

If you use Google services, like Gmail, or Adwords, or Google Analytics, then you might have noticed the extra security layer they put into place. These services require you to enter your phone number, and the service then sends your phone a security access code immediately to your mobile number, which you can then use to unlock your account.


To this day, bad passwords are responsible for most hacks. Either the password is simple and easy to guess, or there is no limit to the number of attempts that can be made before the system recognizes a hack attempt.


Now, many cloud services offer 2-step verification but do not require it. For your best security, we would recommend taking 2-step verification whenever possible. This is not the only security measures you should put into place. Ask us for more information about protecting your data.