Pokemon Go Opens Doors to All New Security Risks

If you haven’t heard about it already, you probably will. Pokemon Go is the newest gaming app that everyone, from young children, to grown adults, is playing. This type of widespread and popular application opens the doors to all sorts of new security risks, that could even affect your small business. Below are just some of the risks associated with the game:

  1. The most well-known security risk of Pokemon Go is the fact that the developers of the game receive full access to your Google Account, GPS services, and camera. The game receives FULL access to all your Google emails, drive, photos, contacts, and also has access to send emails, delete documents, and a whole slew of concerning items. The developers overlooked the permissions sections of creating an account. There has been an update that will let users restrict the data that Niantic (The game’s creator) receives, but the game still needs access to GPS, camera, and email.
  2. Fake Pokemon Go downloads, as well as fake Pokemon Go “aids” are popping up all over. The game was not released in certain areas so people are downloading the app through unofficial channels, which are full of malware. Apps are surfacing that promise tips, tricks, hacks and more. They seem too good to be true, which undoubtedly they are. These apps attack the user’s phone by running in the background, clicking on porn ads, clicking on advertisements, or prompting the user to sign up for unnecessary subscriptions. Some of these apps have been taken down by Google Play or the App Store, but with the wide use of Pokemon, they will undoubtedly continue to pop up.
  3. The Pokemon Go servers have already been hacked. The game has been out for a few weeks and has already been hit with several DDos attacks, just to demonstrate how vulnerable their servers are. Just think the number of information hackers could receive from the Pokemon Go servers.



Why does this affect my business?

You may be wondering why Pokemon Go would have anything to do with your business but there are many ways it could be putting your company at risk. For one, if you have a BYOD policy, and someone has installed Pokemon Go on their personal mobile device, they are bringing the game into your network. Not to mention, if they receive work emails or store work files on their Google drive, the game now has access to all of it. Your employees are connecting to your network and if playing the game at work, they are opening your network up to attacks. Let’s say an employee downloaded one of those tips and cheats apps that are malicious. They have made your network even more vulnerable and susceptible to attacks.

The game is said to have more downloads than any other game, LinkedIn, Messenger, Tinder, WhatsApp, and all other apps. So there is a high probability someone in your office is playing the game right now. Will you take the necessary steps to make sure your company is safe?