Businesses are taking a serious look at the current voice technologies and leveraging the latest features to boost their business.  A 2015 survey conducted by Hanover Research covering 427 capital purchase decision makers in small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) offers key insights:

  • Majority of SMBs are unfamiliar with current telephone technology
  • Despite rise in other forms of communication, 74% of SMBs consider voice communications “Extremely” important
  • Nearly one in two SMBs plan to evaluate a new phone system in the near future

Key reasons businesses choose to upgrade:

  • Leverage New Features – The past few years have seen an explosion of innovative phone features businesses can use to stay connected, streamline workflow, increase customer satisfaction and provide business intelligence.
  • Failing PBX System – If you have an older NEC, Nortel or Avaya system chances are your TDM system is having issues.  The average replacement lifecycle of this type system is 7 years.  The newer systems, in may cases, are solid state, with no moving parts and are easy to upgrade for new feature deployment.
  • More Control / Ease of Management – Businesses want to have control over their phone system with features customized to their specific needs.  Traditional PBX systems have proven extremely difficult to maintain and manage.  Newer systems offer easy to administer web interfaces with responsive remote support options for a turn-key ownership experience.
  • Moving / Adding Locations – Businesses that are relocating or expanding offices typically find it easier to deploy the latest phone system technologies than move old technology.  The new systems allow for easy setup and configuration for one or multiple offices.  Businesses can walk into their new environment with the latest phone system configured and ready to go without the excitement and hassle of moving their aging PBX.
  • Mobility – Business is increasingly mobile.  It is important to businesses to stay connected no matter the location of their staff.  Tools include mobile phone apps, advanced presence settings, find-me-follow-me, teleworking and more.  Staying connected to customers is essential!

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