Password Breaches: How To Avoid Losing Clients

How a data breach harms more than just a site’s reputation.

Losing valuable personal information online is just as harmful to the consumer as it is to the source where it was lost. Since any data lost in a security breach can be fatal for a site’s reputation, we’re going to cover data breaches and how far the damage can travel. With this being said, here’s a look at data breaches and how to avoid losing clients.

password breach

What Is A Data Breach?

A data breach is when private data is unintentionally (or intentionally) released to an unknown environment. Given the type of information that some sites store for their service, the results can be very severe in regards to the customer. Many states and jurisdictions have created data breach notification laws in which customers and clients must be contacted by the breached service concerning the possibility of their information landing in the wrong hands.

So, given the complications data breaches can bring to the customer, it’s worth noting that they can be downright fatal for a brand’s image. For example, TalkTalk communications was hacked by a group of teens who stole private information from over 4 million subscribers using their service. As a result, TalkTalk had permanent damage to their reputation and their stock price immediately dropped by 12% after the data breach occurred.

How Do I Avoid A Data Breach?

Avoiding a data breach isn’t necessarily difficult if you stay on your toes, but it should be understood that nothing is %100 secure. Such things that should be considered for your site’s security are:

  • What Areas Need The Most Protection – Certain aspects of your site may require more protection, so it’s important that your site can follow through on its security. If you’re handling sensitive information regarding credit cards and social security numbers, it’s important that nothing happens to the information in the event of a security breach.
  • Have A Proactive Security Plan – Understand where your site could be threatened and take action. Create policies and integrate technologies to avoid a possible breach of security.
  • Prepare For A Sophisticated Attack – Hackers thrive on finding website vulnerabilities, so be prepared for the unexpected. Create a tested and coordinated response in the event of an attack.
  • Promote & Support Security Awareness – Since it only takes one mistake for a data breach to happen, it’s important that your employees cooperate with your security professionals. In addition to keeping data breaches at a distance, this cooperation helps build a solid foundation for your company and its future in business.