Using Outsourced IT To Assist Your Internal IT Team

You don't have to choose between an outsourced or internal IT team. Learn how you can have the best of both worlds with co-managed IT services designed to help your internal IT team shine!

You Don’t Need to Choose Between Internal vs. Outsourced

Many businesses believe they must choose between hiring internally or outsourcing when it comes to managing their information technology environment. Fortunately, this is not the case. In fact, you can have the best of both worlds with co-managed IT services by partnering with an MSP to augment your internal IT person or team’s capabilities, availability, and skill-sets.

How Does Giving Your Internal IT Person or Team Additional Resources Help Them Shine?

For many businesses, having an internal IT person or team is incredibly useful. After all, there are many benefits, such as:

  • You have direct control over their hours and/or costs
  • You can include them in business meetings involving technology
  • You know they’re available for support during standard business hours
  • You can build a long-term, trusted relationship with them

But here’s the thing: in 2020 with the advancements in technology options and cybercrime threats an internal IT person or team may need a helping hand to protect your business. You depend on your information technology to help you communicate with customers and partners, store sensitive information, and complete projects on-time.

You simply can’t afford downtime resulting from mismanagement or cyberattacks. Providing your IT team help gives allows them to stay focused on their core competencies. These include routine tasks and strategic initiatives, such as monitoring and maintenance, providing troubleshooting or support to your team, implementing cloud technology, and driving new internal programs.

Co-managed IT services allow you to choose what functions and/or responsibilities to keep with your internal IT team or pass over to the MSP. Alternatively, they can share all functions and/or responsibilities to give you greater insight, skill-sets, and capabilities to handle all of your requirements.

Centerpoint IT Provides Co-Managed IT Service Offering Is Designed To Give You Peace Of Mind

Centerpoint IT provides experienced, knowledgeable technology professionals with years of experience. Our co-managed IT services help you increase operational efficiencies through a proven information technology process. Our process incorporates:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • Routine maintenance
  • Data backup and business continuity
  • Security & Cloud solutions
  • Help desk support
  • Microsoft solutions
  • Compliance support
  • Business Phone Solutions

We’d love to work with your internal IT team to augment their existing capabilities, availability, and skill-sets.

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