Our Proprietary Reach App Goes to Beta for Android


We are excited to announce that we have begun beta testing for our Reach App. Soon, the app that provides the functionality and feel of a desk phone on your mobile devices will become available for use in the most popular mobile OS on the planet.

You could say, we are increasing the reach of Reach.

For those of you unfamiliar with the app, Reach becomes your personal mobile extension. It goes wherever you go, no matter what device you are using – iPad, iPhone and any mobile device with an Internet connection and an i Operating System (iOS).

The app looks like a keypad, and offers quick transfer, hold and park – all the buttons and functionality you would have on a landline. If you are on a call, people in the office will see your line is busy.

Our roll out of the Android version will bring this sophisticated functionality to even more mobile devices and make it easier to integrate with your workforce.

Linking Reach to the Allworx Phone System – What Is the ETA?

When we install the app on a customer’s iPhone, we email a link to the software, and you enter some basic information, such as your system extension, password and IP address of the phone system. (If you do not know these values, we can provide them or help you set them up securely.) The initialization process takes 2-3 minutes and links Reach to the Allworx phone system.

Our clients value Allworx for its elasticity and agile application. The system differs from Cisco’s and Mitel’s phone infrastructure in a way that is critical for businesses in volatile markets. As opposed to the alternatives, you only pay a one-time licensing fee for Allworx. Instead of paying a fee for every additional employee you bring onto the system, the employee simply downloads Reach, and they are ready to go.

We are the largest dealer for Allworx in Georgia for two primary reasons:

  1. Reach, and
  2. We offer free classes, which will teach you and your employees how to fully utilize the system for your business. Lunch is on us.

We are proud to increase our value proposition to your business and continue to serve you more effectively. That is what technology should do.