Office 365 for Better Customer Service


With Google Drive out there, why would you want to pay for Office 365? We hear this all the time from small and even mid-sized businesses, and our answer is always the same: it’s not about features; it’s about confidence. Would you rely on Google Drive for processes that could make or break large deals? How about engaging the customer with resources shared across Google Docs?


The fact is: Google Drive and other freemium/free file-sharing and productivity tools on the market today are powerful. They often boast many of the key features you are looking for. They are cloud enabled. You can access your files from your iPhone or tablet and collaborate in real-time. But they are still error-prone.


Ask Sheri and Chris Walsh, co-founders of Luwa Luxury Products and recent adopters of Office 365. They switched from Google Apps and report some vital differentiators in the level of customer service they can provide. Here are the key takeaways from their experience of switching:


  • No more file formatting and compatibility issues gone

  • Not worried about data security

  • Error-free syncing

  • Give clients permission to access folders and strengthen business ties

  • Streamlined employee interactions with no errors

  • Greater efficiency and confidence in usage across platforms

  • Boost connectivity between employees and responsiveness to clients

  • Better customer service with Microsoft


For Most in the SMB Market, the Price Is Worth It

We all need to offset certain, necessary costs with less expensive ones. Almost everyone buys a shirt from Target every so often. But are you going to wear that shirt to a meeting with a new client? No, you are going to suit up in the most appropriate business attire.

The difference between the lower and middle tier of collaborative apps seems small if you focus on features and price. But as soon as we look at how companies are actually using these tools, then we see a large difference in business outcomes. And at the end of the day, business outcomes are what really matter to our clients.