New Security Threat – Mobile Devices

Data security is a constantly changing war zone fought between hackers and security companies. Territory is lost or gained depending upon the latest innovations in attack and defense strategies. When hackers create new viruses, malware or utilize new technologies, security companies need to adapt as quickly as possible.

Our security partner, Dell-Sonicwall, reported that “unknown” security threats are the fifth- greatest threat to your organization. By “unknown,” they mean newly innovated attacks that security companies have not yet neutralized. Mobile technology is the new battleground.

Security Threats Go Mobile

New technologies may be safe from hacking activity… at least initially. Once the technology becomes widespread, it becomes an attractive target. The popularity of smartphones and mobile apps has led hackers to increase their illicit activity on mobile devices by 58% last year. Until we harden protection, the neighborhood of mobile web space will be hazardous.

Some neighborhoods are more dangerous than others. Although the Apple iOS has more documented vulnerabilities to hacks, Android systems are a far more common target because they are easier to exploit. The free and unregulated Android Market allows hackers to upload and distribute free apps that attach malware to your smartphone.

Every unprotected mobile device is a security threat, especially if it has access to your corporate network.Of all mobile attacks, 32% attempted to access sensitive information, such as phone numbers and email addresses. A sophisticated mobile attack will be able to access your network through an unprotected smartphone.

Employees are a critical access point to your business network. We recommend taking the mobile issue under consideration and deciding on effective countermeasures.

Our security partner, Dell-Sonicwall, continually updates your firewalls. As soon as the company identifies a new threat, it uploads the information to your firewall so you are instantly protected. The subscription services we include are your best defense against the unknown.

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