Money in a Box: Unlimited Storage and Advanced File-Sharing for a Low Monthly Cost


Last week, we wrote about a professional-grade, cloud-enabled, file-sharing service called Box. We listed its security features, its functionality, and its ability to integrate with Office, Google products, and Salesforce. Now that you know what Box is, we want to show you how to use it.

Companies do not realize they are backed up against a wall sometimes, because they have been resting against it. You might have innovated a way of doing business with clients and vendors that “solves” the file-sharing problem. Maybe you use email, or snail mail, or maybe you send very few complex communications to circumnavigate the issue.

Small companies are at the largest disadvantage when they do not use a server to store and process their own data. Under this paradigm, individual workstations store files internally, and whenever workers want to collaborate, the file must be sent and received. This might be the norm, but it also requires valuable time, making collaboration difficult and unwieldy.

Servers help, at least internally, but cloud-enabled file-sharing, like Box, allows firms to store their files in one central, secure location, which is accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mid-Sized Business Drops the “Drop,” Picks up the Box

A client of ours was frustrated. Even though they had a great server, their interactions with customers and suppliers were frustrated by DropBox. The security features were too difficult to manage. Every new client or vendor necessitated the same setup protocol. Their network was expanding rapidly, and the work was bogging down their workforce.

We advised they switch to Box, and we introduced them to its advanced capabilities. They set up a structured hierarchy and added permissions to select groups. In other words, their storage solution distinguishes between external and internal members. Unique feature sets are given to managers, salespeople, and superintendents who manage the flow of data to lower members of their network.

Anyone can access the documentation they need, from anywhere. There is even an embedded note-taking app, so that stakeholders can collaboratively edit and comment on files. Interested? Come participate in our Box Webinar on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 10:00 am.