Microsoft Network Security

Centerpoint IT provides Microsoft Network Security services for organizations across Atlanta.

Is Your Atlanta Business Data Safe? Secure It With Microsoft Network Security

Today, businesses in Atlanta have realized the importance of network security due to increased cyberattacks. No matter the amount of data you store or transfer through your network, security has to be a top priority. Statista shows that the number of data breaches in 2020 among Americans was about 1001. With a robust approach to the security of your network, you will prevent potential data breaches from the bad guys that would compromise your client, patients, and customers’ data.

In Atlanta, Centerpoint IT has been at the forefront of helping business secure their network through Microsoft network security solutions. We offer round-the-clock managed IT services with expert guidance from our highly experienced team. We also provide reliable cybersecurity solutions to prevent hackers from accessing your network.

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Microsoft Network Security

What Is Microsoft Network Security?

Generally, Microsoft network security is a larger term encompassing several technologies, processes, and devices under cybersecurity. In simple terms, network security helps to safeguard your data and computer networks. This is made possible through hardware and software technologies to ensure that unauthorized users do not access computer networks and other devices within an organization.

With Microsoft network security, you’ll always be a step ahead in securing your network, servers, and other digital devices from external threats. Note that every enterprise needs a degree of network security solution to safeguard it from the constant cyber threats of today’s business landscape. Besides, the increased sophistication in cyberattacks clearly shows the importance of network security.

Possible Network Security Vulnerabilities

The past few years have seen an increase in extensive, frequent, and more sophisticated cyberattacks that are difficult to defend without the help of high-level tech experts. This trend doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, with recent research by Gartner showing that global spending on cloud services is expected to surpass 45% by 2024.

Some of the popular network security attacks that have affected both small and large businesses include:

  • Malware attacks
  • Data theft
  • Social engineering
  • Insider threats
  • Password attacks

How Microsoft Network Security Protects Your Business In Atlanta

When addressing network security in your enterprise, keep in mind that cyberattackers can target any layer within your network model. As a result, your network security software, policies, and hardware should address all these areas.

Technical network security protects data in your network from attackers and prevents possible malicious activities among your organization’s employees. Physical network security prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your network via physical components like cabling cupboards, routers, and more. On the other hand, administrative network security involves policies to control user behavior, such as access levels and how IT teams implement infrastructure changes.

Network Security That You Can Implement In Your Company

IT experts can use different strategies and techniques to secure your organization’s network. Some of the most effective Microsoft network security solutions that you can implement include:

Firewall Protection

Firewalls are a secure barrier between your organization’s internal network and the external networks you want to block from accessing your network. Microsoft network security helps to block unauthorized or suspicious traffic from accessing your organization’s data while still permitting all the legitimate requests. With the Microsoft Defender Firewall, you can even access advanced options for private, public, and domain networks.

Antivirus and Antimalware Software

This software is vital in protecting your company from multiple malicious software such as Trojans, ransomware, worms, and viruses. You can have the antivirus software in any network device within your organization to scan for malicious files and programs upon entry to your network and continuously track and scan existing files.

Network Access Control

Attackers don’t only rely on one strategy to access your network. As a result, comprehensive access control policies go a long way in ensuring that potential cyberattackers don’t infiltrate your network. You can deny access to sensitive files and grant access to the less confidential folders through network access control.

Virtual Private Network

VPNs enable you to connect to our organizations’ network from another site or endpoint. For instance, if you have work-from-home employees, they can connect to your network over a VPN. Since VPN encrypts your data, attackers can read it.

Why Microsoft Network Security Should Be Your Cybersecurity Solution

If you are looking for a proven security solution for your organization’s network, Microsoft network security is an excellent option. Here are reasons why businesses in Atlanta are choosing this security solution.

Commitment to Cybersecurity

Notably, Microsoft invests more than $1 billion in yearly security programs. This investment goes towards building core technologies such as Azure, Windows, and Office. Moreover, a pool of dedicated data scientists, researchers, threat hunters, and forensic experts ensures that Microsoft Network Security is more robust to prevent potential cyber threats.

Real-time Protection

Cyberattackers are always on the lookout for any weak link that can help them gain access to your data. With Microsoft network security, you no longer need to worry about getting caught off guard by the bad guys. You’ll have real-time protection on all your devices and the entire business network, so you won’t have to worry about potential vulnerabilities.

No Compromise on Your Performance

In some cases, you may be reluctant to implement a network security solution if it hampers your network’s workflow, productivity, and speed. However, Microsoft network security solutions are compatible with different hardware and non-intrusive. Therefore, this is an efficient way of keeping your computer safe no matter the project at hand.

Quick and Efficient Service

Microsoft network security solutions guarantee 100% protection on your organization’s network even when you think your business may be vulnerable. You no longer need to wait for poor updates and upgrades that disrupt your network.

Centerpoint IT Is Your Premier Cybersecurity Partner In Atlanta

Regardless of your business size or industry, prioritizing Microsoft network security guarantees the protection of your entire network and digital devices. Don’t wait to be the next statistic of a cyberattack on your organization that may lead to business disruption, data loss, and more. You can rely on IT experts from Centerpoint IT to help you secure your network from any vulnerabilities. We offer reliable Microsoft support for organizations in Atlanta. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on IT support and IT services.

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