Microsoft 365 Backup Services

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Secure Your Data With Microsoft 365 Backup Services

Imagine this (it is something that happens often): an employee leaves the company and someone from the IT department deletes the former employee from the system. Why should you continue paying for that Microsoft 365 subscription if no one is going to use it, right? However, when a current team member logs into the system to pick up one of the projects that the former employee did not finish, the team member discovers there are key pieces of information that are missing.

Doesn’t Microsoft 365 backup data? The short answer is, no. Microsoft 365 does not back up your data. This is one question that is commonly asked, and there is a misconception that Microsoft 365 serves as a backup solution right out of the box. This is not the case. Microsoft 365 is a secure and cloud-based productivity suite and is essential to the success of your business or organization, but data is not backed up in the manner in which you need it. You will need your own Microsoft 365  backup solution that will allow you to perform phased or full backups of your Microsoft 365 folders and data.

Why Doesn’t Microsoft 365 Have Backups?

Microsoft does have built-in redundancy and backups in every data center, but the backups provided by Microsoft are only for internal data center recovery. These backups are not available for customers for restoring the data in the event of data loss or an accident. Microsoft took these measures to ensure that they can maintain at least 99.9% availability and uptime of their services in the event of hardware failure.

Microsoft replicates the data of your business and organization and safely stores it in various locations to ensure it is available to you if its infrastructure ever encounters any problems. However, if you accidentally delete data or the data is targeted by malicious actors and encrypted and deleted, your data cannot be recovered if you did not have your own third-party backup solution. While Microsoft 365 does have backups, it does not back up your data in a way that can benefit you in the event something goes wrong within your business or organization.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Backup My Microsoft 365 Data?

If you currently do not have a backup solution for your Microsoft 365 data, your organization will become increasingly vulnerable to internal and external threats that can cause significant and irreparable data loss, as well as other detrimental consequences, such as the following:

  • Legal compliance issues
  • Data breaches, ransomware, and other cyber threats
  • Accidental deletion
  • User deletion from malicious actors
  • Retention policy gaps

For data that has been deleted, there are some Microsoft services that will allow you to recover data for a certain period of time. In SharePoint, items that are deleted will be retained for 93 days in the recycle bin and can be recovered during that time period before they are gone forever. The data will remain in the Recycle Bin during that time or until someone deletes it from the bin or empties the entire Recycle Bin. Individual emails deleted from Exchange Online can be retained within a 30-day period.

If one of your employees has their Microsoft 365 data invaded by a ransomware attack and results in data being encrypted, Microsoft’s redundant versions of the data will reflect the encryption. If your organization does not have a backup solution in place, there will be no way for your organization to avoid significant data loss.

Why Should My Atlanta Organization Have A Microsoft 365 Backup Solution?

As mentioned, there is no significant data protection within Microsoft 365 for your Atlanta organization. Microsoft 365 only provides a basic level of protection to risks that can completely destroy your data. This means there will be no protection against attacks that can be detrimental to your organization. Even if you feel your organization will never be at risk, a Microsoft 365 backup solution is always a smart way to keep your data safe and secure. You need to backup your Microsoft 365 data using third-party solutions and services. Microsoft even recommends that you do so in their service agreement:

We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.

As part of your organization’s backup and disaster recovery strategy, your organization needs to have a backup of your Microsoft 365 data. In your efforts to protect your organization against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats that can lead to irreparable data loss will ensure that your organization remains compliant with legal requirements and data retention policies.

Centerpoint IT’s Microsoft 365 Backup Services

Centerpoint IT provides an innovative and advanced secure backup solution that is designed with data privacy and data supremacy in mind. Your Microsoft 365 data will be backed up, where it will be monitored and supported by our team. You will never have to worry about deleting data to reduce storage costs, nor will you have to worry about protecting the service that your organization runs on. Your data is important and your backups are critical. This is why our team will ensure that all of your employees will have peace of mind knowing that their Microsoft 365 data is secure.

More organizations are trying to keep up with the ever-evolving changes in their industries and are being forced to adopt new and advanced technologies to maintain business continuity. As a result, backup solutions are becoming more important than ever.  With our Microsoft 365 backup solution, data will never leave Microsoft 365, equipping your organization with the security and data governance measures your organization needs.

Having data in a solution like Microsoft 365 does not mean you will be protected from threats. You need a backup solution that will allow you to quickly and accurately recover data in the event of data loss, thus allowing you to continue operating without significant disruption. Contact Centerpoint IT today to discuss your Microsoft 365 backup needs.