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Marietta IT Services

Located just northwest of Atlanta, Marietta,GA, is a vibrant city known for its rich history, thriving business community, and a strong sense of community spirit. With its charming downtown area, historic landmarks, and diverse array of shops and restaurants, Marietta offers residents and visitors alike a unique blend of old-world charm and modern convenience.

Marietta is home to a dynamic business ecosystem, with a wide range of industries represented, including technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. The city's strategic location, excellent transportation infrastructure, and skilled workforce make it an attractive destination for businesses seeking to establish or expand their presence in the region.

Centerpoint IT is committed to empowering businesses in Marietta, GA, by providing them with innovative solutions, personalized support, and access to a network of resources. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing businesses in Marietta and are dedicated to helping them thrive and succeed in this dynamic city.

We Are Here to Simplify IT

Since its inception in 2006, Centerpoint has remained committed to providing robust IT services in Atlanta, guided by a clear and concise mission: "Unlocking the power of new technology for small- and mid-sized businesses through simplified IT solutions." 

Our core objective revolves around eliminating the intricacies and hurdles of the dynamic landscape of business technology. We aspire to transcend being merely a full-fledged business IT partner and telephone system provider, endeavoring to ensure your IT journey is smooth and stress-free.

How We Help Marietta, GA Businesses

Expert Guidance

Centerpoint specializes in streamlining the complex realm of technology for entrepreneurs and executives. We navigate the dynamic tech terrain, offering practical insights and cost-effective solutions that are straightforward and impactful.

Marietta IT Services

Centerpoint provides a comprehensive suite of essential services that serve as the cornerstone for a thriving business, including every IT-based consideration you may have.

Guiding Your Success with Every Step

We recognize the utmost importance of your success. Centerpoint's services empower business owners and managers to refocus on what propels their success forward. Our mission is to bolster your foundation, facilitate your growth, and streamline your journey.

The Centerpoint IT Difference

Consistent Communications

Upholding client satisfaction and fostering clear communication are our top priorities. Through quarterly business reviews and meetings, we strive to consistently exceed your expectations.

Higher Satisfaction

Leveraging our remote IT support capabilities, we deliver prompt assistance to resolve your issues remotely. Should the need arise, our local resources are available to provide on-site support to ensure minimal disruption.

Delighted Customers

Customer satisfaction tops our list of priorities. We keep our promises and ensure transparent and equitable pricing.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Regular updates and checks ensure the stability and reliability of client systems, providing robust protection against potential threats.

Comprehensive IT Solutions Marietta, GA
Bid Farewell to the Headaches of Internal IT Management

Marietta IT Services

Centerpoint IT offers tailored managed services designed to emulate an in-house IT department for businesses, minus the cost and complexities. From onboarding new employees to help desk support and disaster recovery, we handle all your IT needs under a fixed monthly fee.

Marietta Network & IT Security

Ensure the security of your network with Centerpoint IT's comprehensive cybersecurity services. Our skilled professionals conduct in-depth evaluations to identify security gaps and develop effective solutions. With our proactive approach, we mitigate risks and strengthen your network's defenses against cyber threats, safeguarding your business operations effectively.

Marietta Business Telephone Services

Elevate your business communication with reliable telephone services tailored to your needs. Centerpoint IT offers comprehensive solutions designed to ensure seamless connectivity and efficient client engagement. With our expertise, you can optimize communication channels, improve customer service, and drive operational efficiency.

Marietta Cloud Services

Experience the benefits of cloud computing with Centerpoint IT's expert cloud services. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to enhance scalability, flexibility, and efficiency in your IT infrastructure. With our expertise, you can achieve optimal data security, business continuity, and seamless connectivity for your organization.

Marietta Voice & Internet Services

In today's digital era, reliable voice and internet services are indispensable for businesses to communicate and stay connected. Centerpoint IT emerges as a leading expert in this essential field, prioritizing reliability and security. Trust us to deliver seamless and efficient voice and internet services, making us your dependable partner in navigating the dynamic tech landscape.