How To Buy Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Learn how to buy managed IT services in Atlanta. Centerpoint offers a competitive packages customized to your business.

Best Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Centerpoint

Learn how to buy managed IT services in Atlanta. Centerpoint offers a competitive packages customized to your business.

Maybe you’ve heard that managed IT services save companies money. Are you wondering how that works? For starters, it’s a highly efficient labor model. It also leaves IT crises and maintenance to the experts so you can concentrate on operations and growth. Here’s how it works.

There are three pricing models most commonly used for IT managed service providers in Atlanta, as follows:

  • Flat-rate pricing, where you pay a set amount each month regardless of how much you use the service. This may work for small businesses with frequent, simple IT needs.
  • Hourly pricing, you pay for the hours you use and use the provider when you need them. This is great when you don’t need help, but one crisis can rack up a prohibitive bill and throw off your budget commitments.
  • Per-user or device pricing. This model allows large companies to take advantage of economies of scale. If you have a lot of users or covered devices, you can often work out a discounted rate.

Centerpoint is a managed IT services provider in Atlanta. We offer a number of pricing models so you can choose the one that works best for your business.

How Do You Choose Which Model to Use?

An MSP with a higher Operational Maturity Level can provide monthly flat fees to clients. This model is ideal if consistent budgeting is a priority since you pay a standard amount and more accountability goes to your managed IT services provider. Centerpoint, for example, follows a proactive planning model. We effectively monitor your network to keep errors to a minimum.

Comparing prices can be tricky if you’re shopping around and vendors include different things in their pricing. Let’s say you have 30 users and pay your MSP $4,800 a month. Another provider comes along offering a block of 20 hours at a much lower rate of $2,000. This is not a realistic deal if you need a lot of support, so you are probably sacrificing things like proactive services and the expertise to align your business and technology goals.

Most IT managed service providers suggest a per-user monthly flat fee. For example, your MSP offers you comprehensive services for $50 per user per month. For our example of 30 employees, this works out to $1,500 a month, which sounds like a great deal. However, they may charge extra for on-site support or new device setup. In general, don’t take pricing quotes at face value. It’s not a bad idea to let the providers you’re considering know what the competition is offering. That way, you end up with the best services at the most reasonable prices.

How much do Atlanta Managed IT Services cost?

IT companies often charge between $120 to $175 per user a month. Managed IT service providers with advanced applications tend to charge more. However, they are more likely to give your business the tools needed to operate efficiently.

The cost of managed services has many determining factors. Here are some of the individual factors that impact what you end up paying:

  • Age of your software and equipment
  • Number of machines and users,
  • Management and maintenance reports and services requested

If something is left out of the contract, there are two remedies. You can purchase single services for $2-$15 per month per user or ask your provider to bundle the required service into your current contract. Small businesses pay between $500 to $2000 per month 24-hour monitoring of data, systems and workstations. Centerpoint can provide a number of quotes that various services so you can compare the value of each.

Are Business Trending Toward Outsourced IT Services?

Trends indicate that IT outsourcing will lend a growing trend in business outsourcing. A Global Industry Analytics report estimates that by 2020 IT and Business Process Outsourcing will reach $220 billion. It was just $24.6 billion in 2017.

“As the customer-supplier relationship becomes more trustworthy, there will be a shift in outsourcing projects from non-core services to core business operations. IT outsourcing vendors will act as genuine partners who will bear the responsibility of niche-based knowledge,” according to

As a customer, you are also likely to what comprehensive services to get value for money. That’s why a local provider with tons of experience makes sense.

What Is the Centerpoint Difference?

You don’t have to manage your IT systems alone. Centerpoint offers a competitive Managed IT Services Essentials package that is customized to your business. Contact us today (404) 777-0147 or to set up an initial assessment.