Looking For The Best Phone Systems For Medical Practices In Marietta, GA?

Your phone system should make it easy for you to contact your patients and staff members. If it isn’t? Then it’s time for you to invest in a new phone system for your medical practices in Marietta, GA.

Your phone system should make it easy for you to contact your patients and staff members. If it isn’t? Then it’s time for you to invest in a new phone system for your medical practices in Marietta, GA.

Few industries rely as heavily on constant communication as the medical industry. Healthcare practices in Marietta, GA need to be constantly reachable, both externally by their patients and network of medical organizations for referral purposes; as well as internally, so that doctors, nurses and support staff members can keep in touch with each other. Without a reliable and effective business phone system, it’s next to impossible to deliver the quality of care that patients expect from you.

Modern Phone Systems For Medical Practices In Marietta, GA

Technology has done amazing things to help keep us connected. And these advancements haven’t been limited to new gadgets or applications; even the regular old office phone has gotten a 21st-century upgrade.

Using a traditional phone system isn’t just inefficient and illogical; it’s a sign that your medical practice is — or will soon be — obsolete. Smart medical professionals ensure that their interests are supported by the latest, more effective Information technology available today. Have you taken every possible measure to ensure the success of your Marietta, GA medical practice?

VoIP phone systems have been steadily gaining popularity with medical practices of all sizes, offering a more flexible and cost-effective alternative with features that a traditional phone system just can’t compete with.

As an expert provider of both IT support and undeniably effective VoIP services, Centerpoint IT facilitates trusted solutions from our partners at Allworx (of whom we’re proud to be the #1 dealer in Georgia for over nine years).

Solutions provided by Allworx are leading the charge in modern telecommunication for healthcare. Essential VoIP tools offer your firm a competitive advantage, providing you with a more flexible phone system with a range of key features that a traditional business phone system just can’t touch.

Phone Systems With The Features You Need To Stay In Touch

With their technology and our comprehensive expertise in all things IT, we can ensure that your practice enjoys the full range of VoIP benefits, including:

  • Mobility that allows patients and healthcare professionals to easily connect easily and effectively.
  • Reduced costs, allowing you to reallocate funds to other areas of your medical practice in Marietta, GA that need attention.
  • Reliable business continuity for your phone systems, protecting your first line of communication from inclement weather, power outages and more.
  • Service from one of the only Atlanta service providers that have dedicated Phone Support and IT Support divisions under one roof.
  • Allworx solutions are designed with modern healthcare organizations in mind. We know that the technology your industry uses is constantly changing, so we make sure you’re getting best business phone services on the market.
  • With features like mobile connectivity, customized call routing, call data reporting, call recording, conference calling, auto attendant, voicemail to e-mail, and much more, your daily operations become easier to manage as your communication improves exponentially.

Unbeatable Warranties For Your New Phone Systems

Just as you protect your patients’ data with security technology and business continuity solutions, you should do the same for your Allworx phone systems so that you can trust that your means of communication is safe and up to date. The Allworx Extended Warranty and Software Upgrade Plan for your Allworx server include:

  • Comprehensive warranty coverage and advanced replacement for hardware updates
  • Unlimited FREE monthly administrator training at Centerpoint IT office
  • Minimum 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, with an optional extension to a 4-year warranty for servers, phones, or both
  • 5-year software upgrade license to keep your technology up to date
  • Additional maintenance plans as needed

Expert Support That Keeps Your Phone Systems Optimized

With us as your partner in support, you will enjoy nearly total coverage for any given support request for your medical practice’s phone systems, including:

  • User Changes: Add, remove or change features, or change users at will.
  • Call Handling Support: Comprehensive support for auto attendant, greetings, call routing, presence settings, vacation, schedules and message-on-hold settings.
  • System Settings: Manage time changes, backup, maintenance settings and security.
  • Carrier Support: Get assistance for troubleshooting telco or network issues.
  • Expert Advice: Gain valuable insight as your needs IT change.

With the ability to support not just office phone systems but mobile and video calling, Allworx offers complete business communication, backed by industry-leading support.

Technology is all-encompassing for the modern world, and the more a medical practice in Marietta, GA is able to streamline and integrate the technology solutions they rely on, the less stressful managing their technology becomes. That’s why we’re proud to offer a range of services including VoIP phone systems.

By partnering with stellar phone systems providers like Allworx, Centerpoint is able to act as a single, expert point of contact for the medical practices in Marietta, GA that we work with. By placing your technology needs in our hands, you are free to focus on what matters most – taking care of your patients.

VoIP phone systems are ideal for medical practices in Marietta, GA. Contact our team today at (404) 777-0147 or sales@centerpointit.com for more information about what Centerpoint and Allworx will do for your practice.