Local Company Taps Centerpoint For IT Support In Alpharetta

See how one Alpharetta company turned to Centerpoint IT when it needed expert, reliable support and services for PCs, Macs and other technology challenges

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When a local employee background screening company wanted to find a new technology partner for IT support in Alpharetta, they turned to the area’s leading technology company — Centerpoint IT.

Today’s companies have complex networks of computers, servers and peripherals. When you want to be sure you can get the right level of IT support in Alpharetta for PCs and Macs, you want a partner that understands your company’s needs and delivers prompt, reliable service.

Why Look for PC and Mac IT Support in Alpharetta?

The screening company that recently signed with Centerpoint IT had an existing relationship with a managed services provider. However, it was reevaluating where to turn for technical support. The business has one location and a mix of workstations, including 55 PCs running Windows and 5-10 MacBook Airs. In total, the business has 75-100 computers.

Businesses like this one are often looking for a partner that can manage support for multiple computer types, as many have computers from different manufacturers with multiple operating systems, software programs and devices at play.

These companies need support for all their technology needs that can be delivered quickly. They need to be confident that problems will be resolved quickly. With a proven partner providing you with IT support in Alpharetta, your business gains:

  • Productivity. Remote support for PCs, Macs and other parts of your IT can resolve most problems quickly when the engineers are experienced in common hardware and software issues. Resolving issues quickly keeps your employees working and projects moving forward.
  • Cost Savings. IT support from Centerpoint helps your bottom line. With predictable monthly expenses that include remote help-desk support, anti-virus and anti-malware protection, system updates, patching, active monitoring and on-site service, you’ll no longer worry about how much is being spent on repairs and service. It’s all included.
  • Better Use of Staff. If your company has internal IT staff, a shift to managed services lets you redeploy that talent to the most pressing issues. If IT is no one’s responsibility and your company is small, using managed IT frees up you and your staff to focus on other, more important business issues.
  • Reliability. If your staff and customers are getting frustrated at technology issues, you may soon be running into retention issues. With reliable system operations, you can be confident that the tools are available for those who need to use them.

Take updating, for example. With every upgrade, patch or service pack that needs to be installed, the hassles can be considerable. Making sure that computers and servers are prepped, ready and available to have new technology installed requires coordination and planning. It’s important to make sure your users know what the updates will do and how to prepare. Inevitably, there are glitches, tweaks and assistance requests that need to be addressed.

Coordinating those updates internally can be a logistical challenge, especially for smaller organizations. With a reliable IT partner, the scheduling, coordination and troubleshooting are addressed as part of your contract. There will be fewer hiccups and your team will be able to continue its work with little to no interruption.

The need for innovation via technology has never been greater. A recent digital transformation study showed that 92 percent of organizations are turning to third parties for help with some of the most pressing technology issues, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile solutions
  • Data insights
  • Use of new technology like artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT) and machine learning

Companies often focus technology investments on customer-facing solutions but neglect the infrastructure. IDW’s Raymond Boggs, vice president of small and medium business research, noted in a recent BizTech magazine article, that businesses need to be ready to compete in a digital economy in 2020 and beyond. “That’s where digital transformation and future proofing your infrastructure comes in,” Boggs said. “Is there an investment you can make now that will allow you to grow and remain flexible?”

How Can IT Support in Alpharetta Help Our PCs and Macs Work Better Together?

Integrating files, applications and information across multiple operating systems is a timeless struggle for many small- and medium-sized companies. That’s one of the reasons many companies turn to Centerpoint.

We start all our engagements with a deep dive into your business. We want to understand what you do, the processes you use and your business goals and objectives. This fundamental understanding helps us develop a technology roadmap that addresses your most critical IT issues.

Too many IT companies say that they work well with Macs and PCs, but often they focus more on the PC side. Our engineers have deep expertise and knowledge of both operating systems and how they interact with software apps. This knowledge lets us develop solutions that solve any challenges you have with connectivity and collaboration across the OS divide.

What Is Included in Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are designed to remove complexity and let your employees focus on their work. Centerpoint uses industry best practices, processes and tools to deliver the solution you need. Our technical knowledge and service are unparalleled.

Our IT Essentials package provides a proactive approach to managing your technology. It includes:

  • Active system monitoring 24/7. Monitoring allows us to identify and resolve issues quickly before they disrupt operations or infiltrate folders and files.
  • System patch and update management
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware solutions
  • Prepaid on-site labor hours for our technicians to resolve business IT issues
  • A la carte services such as managed firewall and data backups

For businesses looking for a more complete IT services offering, our IT Essentials Premium package offers even more, all for a flat monthly rate. In addition to the IT Essentials services, our Premium package includes:

  • Data backup for servers and desktops and disaster recovery, giving your business offsite protection and rapid recovery in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack. It includes a backup and disaster recovery server providing onsite failover protection
  • Unlimited IT support during weekday business hours
  • Managed anti-exploit solutions
  • Enhanced IT security, including Dark Web monitoring, phishing testing and automated and verified IT training
  • Best-in-class Lenovo/IBM scalable servers with the Microsoft operating system, VMWare and user access included

With a managed services plan from Centerpoint, your business will not need to invest in capital purchases. Our engineers will install and configure your solution quickly.

How Do I Provide Support for Remote or Traveling Employees?

When your business uses Centerpoint for IT support, we address issues with all your networked devices. Employees on the road or working remotely can connect with our team to keep their technology up and running, no matter where they are.

Does My Business Need To Be in the Cloud?

The cloud offers businesses flexibility, accessibility and scalability.

Many companies are moving their connectivity and productivity applications to the cloud, especially Microsoft Office 365, which lets users access Word, Excel and Outlook from any website. The cloud delivers other capabilities, including:

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Hosted email and spam filtering
  • Virtual servers and desktops that reduce capital costs of buying and maintaining servers and desktops
  • Business phone solutions with included auto attendant, conference calls and voice-to-email transcription
  • Secure file sharing

With Centerpoint IT as your strategic partner, your business can meet its most important goals and deliver better products and services. To learn more about how Centerpoint IT can support your company’s vision, contact us today.