Just like today’s automobiles – business IT networks whether simple or complex need regular monitoring and maintenance to get businesses where they need to go.  Unfortunately many businesses due to perceived expense or complexity ignore implementing a basic IT management system/plan until it is too late.  IT Essentials by CenterpointIT was developed to give businesses the routine monitoring, maintenance and support IT networks require at a price any business can afford.


ITessentials proactive IT support includes:

  • Server Monitoring – We proactively monitor the health of one of the most critical of business systems
  • Network/Internet Monitoring – We remotely monitor the performance and health of your internet connectivity
  • Reporting – We provide professional graphical reports to help you spot trends and monitor performance on your network
  • Alerts – We monitor and manage your network’s health from our operations center
  • Workstation Monitoring – We remotely monitor for workstation common problems and vulnerabilities
  • Patch Management – We manage security and patch updates for supported Microsoft programs and common office applications for optimal performance and security
  • Managed Antivirus – We deploy managed antivirus on servers and workstations on your network to monitor, manage, report and remediate virus threats quickly
  • Professional IT Support Hours – Each package includes 1 hour per month of IT support to use as you wish.  You may use for remediation of IT issues, IT project or remote support.
  • Discounted Prepaid IT Hours – IT Essentials customers can elect deeply discounted IT Support/Project Packages to help accurately budget for monthly IT spendingRemote Support – Remote support is only one click away for servers and workstations