IT with No Downtime

It was just a normal day, like any other, when you were talking to a patient and suddenly, your computer froze. You might have played it cool and thought, “Maybe it will work if I just wait a little longer.” Then, it became obvious that you were stalled, you might have joked about how we get more high-tech and these things still happen.

The problem with the joke is that computer programs aren’t a fact of life. Or better yet, computer failure doesn’t have to be a fact of life. A failing IT system is the natural byproduct of poor planning or poor management and often times, it’s both.

IT Planning

An IT infrastructure can be a complex thing. Just like how doctors specialize in a specific field of medicine, one guy is often insufficient in planning, building, and managing an entire IT system. Yet, having one guy is what most offices and businesses completely depend on for everything.

There is more to IT planning than looking at someone’s budget and configuring a system that fits. Listening to a business and deploying exactly the right system for their needs is its own specialty. IT planners and strategists rely on a vendor to provide the right mix of technology so that when the system is complete, everything is integrated and seamless. The difference between a guy who builds systems and a guy who plans IT infrastructures is like comparing a DIY mechanic to someone who works at Ford developing new car models.

IT Management

When a systems is properly planned and built, management is minimized. In keeping with the mechanic theme, most people prefer a low maintenance car. A car that is put together right can easily reach 100k miles without much else than an oil change. Normally, mechanics don’t drive those types of cars.

So when you are thinking about upgrading or changing your IT system, you should be in the market for a brand name car, not a mechanic. IBM PureSystems provide a turnkey IT infrastructure solution so you can get back to doing the work you love – not spending time waiting for your mechanic to fix it.