An IT Time Machine?—What’s That?

Believe it or not, this is real, and you can learn so much from it.  I recommend all my clients check it out—Why?  Because if you do, you’ll have a 24/7 pulse on what’s going on in your business.


Here are just a few things you can do with an IT Time Machine:

  • Find out what your employees are doing. Are they really working or playing around on the Web? (You can also find out what websites they’re visiting!)
  • What’s going on in your business when you’re not there? Or when you are, and you’re too busy to notice?
  • Is there something litigious transpiring that you need to know about, and document in case you need to go to court?
  • What kind of critical information would an adversary go after?
  • Who has access to your critical information, and where is it (in the Cloud)?
  • What business applications are your employees using? Are you paying for some that just “sit on the shelf?”
  • Are you meeting compliance requirements (like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, ISO 27001)?
  • How much time are your employees spending doing actual work? (Are they just hanging around the water cooler or walking around talking to others?)
  • How about your resources and budget? Do they need adjusting?  And where should you be making changes?
  • Is sensitive information secretly going to the competition?
  • Should you suspect any one or more of your employees?
  • Are any of your employees running their own business during work hours (and using your company data)? Yes, this happens!
  • Are managers so friendly with employees that they’re blind to any potential problems?

Did you ever think about doing all of this?  You should!

So, what is Time Machine, you ask? 

It’s called Veriato, an insider threat protection for your business—And an innovative solution that detects user behavior with analytics and alerting capabilities.  It’s a global leader in user activity monitoring.

Veriato solutions have been used by almost 40,000 organizations in more than 110 countries worldwide. From household-named companies to major educational institutions and government entities.  Veriato is the go-to detection and alerting system for proactive monitoring and protection. 

How does it work?

Veriato employs software that detects threats to your data security from within your business.  It monitors your users’ behavior and alerts you when actions contradict policies or vary from well-defined patterns.

And, unlike other solutions that focus only on protecting your business assets, Veriato monitors:

  • Your employees’ behavior for indicators of compromise,
  • Records and alerts you when insider risk is elevated,
  • Enables a rapid interdiction, reducing false positives, and ensuring actionable reporting.

Beware of the Enemy Within!

I tell all my clients who deal with sensitive intellectual property that Veriato is a must.  It will protect you if this property is stolen or exposed, and without locking systems down so tightly that productivity is hindered.

With Veriato, your organization will benefit from:

  • Early Detection. Shifts in behavior related to insider activity are detected and alerted as they occur.
  • Proper Coverage. The unique combination of User and Entity Behavior Analytics and User Activity Monitoring provides an appropriate cover model of lower- and higher-risk positions and insiders.
  • Informed Response. Armed with information provided by anomaly alerting, you can take proactive action to prevent damage.
  • An Insurance Policy. The presence of user activity logs enables best practices to protect intellectual property and your company’s reputation, including the review of departing employees’ online activity. Very important to do!

Most corruption investigations involve some element of unlawful access to data held on computer systems, or the sharing of this information to others. By monitoring your computer systems you’ll be communicating to your employees that, not only should they be working and not fooling around at work, but that any unauthorized access will be detected, and, if necessary, the culprit(s) will be prosecuted.

With Veriato You Can Improve Productivity and Increase Profits!

Ask yourself, “Can I afford not to know how much lost productivity is costing us?”  Not many can.  Wouldn’t you like to:

  • Have access to information that’s unique and highly accurate? With a true picture of how employee time is spent?
  • Be able to accurately determine the staffing level you need, and understand the actual workflows inside your company?
  • Increase efficiency by studying the processes your top performers use, and to use this as a teaching tool for others?
  • Improve your bottom line with enhanced resource utilization for better-operating results and higher profitability?

Who wouldn’t want this?

Veriato saves you time, money, increased certainty and reduces your risk.  You’ll have the peace of mind that your employees are being productive with monitory that’s unique and highly accurate, and staffing intelligence.  Plus, armed with this information, you can plan effectively and ultimately improve your bottom line.

There are two versions of Veriato your business can benefit from:

Veriato Recon and Veriato 360°  They work together to:

  • Detect insider threats and enable deterrence measures.
  • Cover both low and high-risk insiders.
  • Learn what normal patterns of behavior exist within your organization and keep watch for anomalies that suggest a threat to your data security.
  • Get alerts for you and appropriate staff when meaningful anomalies are detected.
  • Store user activity data securely and temporarily.

And, you can have all this without expensive professional services and maintenance!   Want to learn more, or sign up for a complimentary demo of Veriato?  Contact us at (404) 781-0200 or  Don’t delay.  Be vigilant.  Protect your business.