The IT Skills Gap

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With the global demand for IT resources hotter than ever, small and midsize businesses feel the crunch more than anyone. These organizations often have the fewest resources for internal development as well.

“Although two-thirds of U.S. hiring managers believe that implementing workforce development programs will help them prepare for future disruptions or innovations, many businesses have been slow to do so. They are held back by budgetary constraints, lack of employee time to participate in training, and lack of appropriate training technology,” according to the World Economic Forum.

So, What Impact Does the IT Skills Gap Have on Atlanta SMBs?

Here are some of the impacts of the IT skills gap that may already be impeding your ability to meet the operational needs of your business:

  • Security risks – Only 14% of SMBs say they have the cybersecurity skills to protect their networks. With security threats growing, it’s more important than ever to eliminate vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.
  • Unpredictable IT costs – Many SMBs turn to IT consulting firms in Atlanta to achieve a predictable monthly IT budget and to provide the IT infrastructure leadership needed by leaders who want to concentrate on managing their operations.
  • Insufficient business agility – Many small business owners hang on to legacy systems that keep them from moving forward in their efforts to gain more customers and strategic partnerships.
  • Limited competitive capability – Lack of agility and outdated systems impede your ability to compete in the marketplace.

Centerpoint IT is a managed service provider serving the entire Atlanta metro area. We can help you bridge your organization’s technology gap without blowing your budget.

How Can You Address Your Company’s IT Skills Gap?

Some businesses hire a time and materials consultant that can come in on an as-needed basis. The problem with this approach is that one person can’t address every issue that comes up. When you hire a managed service provider, you gain access to a team of experts and individual resources in almost any specialty imaginable. This sounds like a pretty great solution to the IT skills gap.

Here are some of the end-to-end services and special engagements Centerpoint consultants can handle for your business:

  1. Protection from Security Risks – Ask your managed service provider for the expertise level of its network resources when it comes to comprehensive data privacy and best practices. You can leverage the most recent security tools, such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).
  2. Use of New Technology – Ask the IT companies that you’re considering to provide case studies of other companies they helped leverage the cloud, mobile technology and other IT functions.
  3. Simplify Technology – MSPs such as Centerpoint IT do more than maintain your IT infrastructure. We take a proactive stance on expanding capability while reducing costs.
  4. Exhibit Expertise, Professionalism and Experience Ask your MSP how long they’ve been in business and what qualifications their consultants have. Centerpoint IT consultants have certifications and many successful implementations under their belt.

Learn more about Centerpoint IT and call us today for more information on how we can help your business bridge the IT skill gap. Contact us to schedule an initial assessment of your current environment.

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