Is Your IT Services Company Not Cutting The Mustard?

If Your IT Services in Atlanta Are Underperforming, It’s Time to Call the Experts

It’s a problem for many companies who are trying to stay on top of their IT issues: computer network services or vendor management that are lackluster. And, it’s not simply an annoyance – underperforming IT services in Atlanta are costing companies in Georgia millions of dollars due to failed servers, data center downtime, and other serious adversities currently plaguing underserved businesses in Atlanta.

The fact is, there are hidden costs associated with the inefficiencies of subpar IT companies. If your IT provider isn’t performing as well as they should, your employees’ time (and the company bankroll) is spent dealing with and overcoming such unnecessary IT Issues.

This will affect the performance and productivity of your staff and the work environment can become unbearable if the situation isn’t corrected.

Don’t Let Downtime Be a Factor

The more a business is reliant on IT services, the bigger the potential negative effects of downtime. Look at it this way – if it’s a single staff member that is affected, then the impact could be measured in the cost of their salary for that period.

What if that staff member had to get a tender out and can’t, or what if they needed to pay a supplier and can’t? What if they had to cover payroll that day and weren’t able?

Currently, the cost of downtime is much more than just the half-day or day of salary involved. What happens if it affects multiple users – or worse, your entire company? It quickly multiplies the cost to your business, which, as we’ve seen, can be monstrously costly.

In another scenario, your server fails and your in-house IT guy or guys are now fully-engaged in recovering and restoring your data center and server.

And, most data center or server-failure situations have a very costly domino effect associated with them.

Case in point: server downtime can now cost small and medium-sized businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars a day when a power failure or server crash occurs.

The Role of the Managed IT Services Provider

There are Atlanta IT support services, or managed services providers (MSPs) in the industry who are falling short of expectations when it comes to the IT Services that they provide.

Clients are coming to us when they aren’t satisfied with the service they are receiving from their current IT service provider. This could be because the customer has either outgrown the IT provider, the IT provider does not supply fully-managed and business-integrated services, or the provider has missed the mark, not understood the actual requirement and has mis-sold a service.

It happens – but, you don’t have to fall prey to it.

Centerpoint IT is the antidote to such missteps and folly with our economical managed service plans.

Location is Everything (Data Location, That Is)

While the saying “Location is Everything” is true in real estate, it’s even truer in the IT services biz. Where is your data? Is it backed-up in at least two locations?

Is it vulnerable to black hat hackers and cyber-thieves?

Do you have an IT management team that can give you regular, accurate reporting that demonstrates how secure your data center is?

It can be a challenge for many companies to truly feel secure in their data location(s) and know that they can sleep at night soundly.

Centerpoint IT, however, has the sleep-friendly solutions for any company of any size in Atlanta.

And we ourselves are located in Roswell, GA, just north of Atlanta, although we provide area-wide managed IT services Atlanta businesses in multiple industries have come to trust and rely upon.

What’s Your Industry?

Give us your industry and market sector and we can start pinpointing your unique IT support needs and challenges. Right now, most of these concerns center on regulatory compliance laws that govern how companies store, manage, and use the vital proprietary and client information they keep in their data centers.

Currently, we have five industries that we can say we specialize in, although we can handle any industry or business type:

Client Collaboration

Our focus is on what you the client need, including your long- and short-term objectives. We listen, offer feedback, and then plot the right IT course for you.

This is how we establish our end-to-end Internet Technology support services and solutions for businesses in the Atlanta area, which include:

  • Managed IT featuring Enterprise-Level Computing
  • IT Security with End-to-End Risk Management and Control
  • Hosted Services with Enterprise-Class Communications Abilities
  • Business Phone Systems – Large and Small
  • Video Conferencing – You Get More for Less
  • A Single Contact-Point for All Telecom Requirements
  • And, Much More

Assuring Your Business Continuity

You need a leader among Atlanta IT companies that can handle all IT-related emergencies, which can strike at any time, whether it’s a malware attack, natural disaster or system crash.

It’s vital to have a plan in place to make sure your business can continue to accomplish work, maintain compliance and keep unproductive and costly downtime to a minimum. Centerpoint IT will help you prepare your business for any and all IT emergencies with a viable, vital business continuity plan that fits your operations and IT framework.

Ready for Better Atlanta IT Support Now?

If you’re ready for the kind of Atlanta IT services that will keep your operations safe and fuel your long-term prosperity, give us a call at (404) 781-0220, or email us at for more information, or to get started right away!