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For 15+ years, Centerpoint IT has been the trusted IT company in Georgia for countless organizations. Call us for immediate support.

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Over the past fifteen years, Centerpoint IT has carefully developed a winning approach to IT service delivery to make us a top IT company in Georgia. While we may have started as a simple phone service provider, today we are proud to be a comprehensive IT service company, trusted by businesses throughout Atlanta.


Centerpoint IT started in the phone business, just as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions were becoming a common business technology. As we transitioned into a VoIP value-added reseller, it didn’t take long for us to see that our clients’ Atlanta IT support needs were not being met.

We capitalized on this opportunity to expand our services, providing additional support for these organization’s communication technologies. Once again, from our perspective handling the client’s communication needs, we saw that their basic IT infrastructure tasks were not being handled. Business owners and managers began asking us to manage their IT as effectively as we managed their communications, and so, we expanded our services again.

As we gained experience with IT management and grew our network of clients, a common issue became clear to us — most of our clients lacked a necessary understanding of what their IT priorities should be, and how to address them. This was when we began our role as educators, ensuring these clients had the insight they needed to make informed choices about how to put their IT budget to good use.

Now 15 years in business, we are proud to provide an undeniably effective range of services, founded on a few core values:

  • We help clients attain the best possible return on their investment in IT, procuring cost-effective solutions that deliver enterprise-level capabilities
  • We listen to and become familiar with our clients and their organizations to better understand their needs.
  • We act with the “heart of an educator”, consulting with clients so that they can make informed decisions that address their immediate and future needs.
  • We always practice the Golden Rule, knowing that the better we treat our clients, the more successful we’ll be as a business.

Centerpoint IT: IT Company In Georgia

Now a decade and a half in business and we are so excited to see what the future has in store. We are committed to refining and evolving our approach to service in order to further benefit our IT Support and Telephone clients throughout Atlanta.

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