IP Simple Ensures Quality of Service (QoS) in your VoIP Phone System


IP Simple is a phone system offered by Windstream, which gives you a higher level of Quality of Service (QoS) than the traditional Voice Over IP phone system. You do not need to be a electrician or a coder to understand why.

Traditional, or hosted phone systems are housed “in the cloud,” which means the system operates in a data center. This arrangement means you lose two rights. First, you lose the right to fully customize your solution because the infrastructure is pre-established. Phone service providers often try to compensate by offering multiple out-of-the-box options, but these often restrict usability and convenience.

The first competitive advantage of IP Simple is flexibility. As a premise-based system, the Windstream solution unlocks an infinite array of customization options, which are completely dependent on what you want.

The second right you cede with a hosted system is call routing.

Voiceover IP Depends on Internet Service

In Voiceover IP, the IP stands for Internet Protocol, meaning that your voice signature is transmitted digitally over the same infrastructure that transmits website data to your browser. When it is transmitted through a non-premise cloud, the signal can be sent through numerous hops, from one data center to another, without your ability to control the route. Voice image can degrade at times, leading to spotty Quality of Service (QoS).

An on-premise solution like Windstream manages the QoS by delivering the signal directly to your office, ensuring a high-quality, undelayed call. It is the difference between drawing a line from A to B (Windstream) and drawing a line from A to B to C to D to E to F to G… and so on. Lag time increases with each hop, as does the likelihood of a problem.

Control Internet Service with on-Premise Solutions and with Proper Installation

We have also learned to take out another potential problem – the circuitry of your office building. When we install IP Simple, we prioritize your voice traffic to ensure the highest QoS. This ability has differentiated our solutions from the competition since 2006, when we initialized our dedicated IT division.

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