Insurance Company Revamps with IBM Storage and Increases Productivity


Downtime snuck up on Pritchard and Jerden. The firm didn’t notice it at first. Just a little lag time here and there. Then, the problems became increasingly obvious: the time spent waiting for their servers to accomplish basic tasks was decreasing their ability to get into the workflow. “Our IT issues were significant,” says Conroy Campbell, Pritchard and Jerden’s IT Manager. “Our servers weren’t allocated for user demand. We had no redundancy, and there were constant bandwidth problems.”

For over 40 years, Pritchard and Jerden have been helping local businesses to insure their employees and plan for the future. But when it became obvious that their IT infrastructure was holding them back, they knew it was time to take a moment for self-reflection.

They called CenterpointIT co-founder, Wayne Gosselin, who immediately put together a team to renovate their IT storage assets. He appointed Kyle Setchel as lead engineer of the storage and virtualization project. “They were losing customers as a result of slow processing speeds, constant server crashes and crippling downtime,” says Kyle. All was not lost.

IBM Storage Solution Works Effortlessly

Kyle’s team installed an IBM storage solution to increase performance and scale with their business. On top of that, the team used a VMWare virtual desktop to optimize their infrastructure. “The end result was fantastic,” says Campbell. “Our firewalls are stronger. Our storage is under control, and everything is stable. Our network can calculate faster. It’s wider and deeper and we can serve up users as needed.”

When IT functions like it should, no one notices it’s there. That was a huge improvement over the agonizing problems with workflow and performance. Campbell says, “We now have the ability to focus our time and attention on our customers without having to constantly deal with our technology problems.”

The successful implementation strengthened our relationship with a great client, who we continue to help today. If your IT is problematic, then it might be time to troubleshoot. Give us a call and let us help you make the best decision for your business.