Implementing Company Owned Equipment Policies

We recently discussed BYOD policies and how to securely implement these policies. However, there are still companies that provide equipment to their employees via traditional means and this includes equipment to be used at home or on the road.

Providing equipment for employees allows them to have the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art technology and be consistent in their duties. It also allows for remote workers to work wherever on company equipment. This method also requires responsibilities on the IT department, the management, and the employees themselves to make sure that this type of policy is effective. Here is what you need to consider when providing equipment for your employees:

  • Broken equipment and who is responsible for repairs
  • How will you handle personal use of the equipment?
  • Installation of software or applications. How will you handle torrent or phishing applications being installed?
  • Monitoring or tracking the employee’s use, files, emails, etc. Since the equipment belongs to the company, you have the right to search it if you are suspicious of any foul play.
  • Passwords and security measures such as virus and malware protection
  • Excessive personal use resulting in loss of productivity and how to handle violations
  • Return or termination policy
  • Making sure company information is secured on the equipment
  • These devices will connect to outside and personal networks. How will you make sure your company information is safe?

Providing employees with equipment can be a great way to manage the equipment your employees use and can help keep costs down and ensure your employees are using the best equipment while monitoring what they are doing on those devices to increase productivity. The rules and policies you implement will help make this method effective. If you do not have strict rules in place, personal use of company-owned equipment can be destructive. Open communication with your employees will also help smooth the process.

Centerpoint IT can help maintain all the equipment that your company uses, and make sure that they are secure and up-to-date but we can also help track or restrict personal use to prevent any misuse of company equipment.