Cloud computing takes on increased significance as businesses demand higher levels of flexibility from their IT. Cloud computing, which builds on the benefits of server virtualization, improve resource utilization to helps make your business process more efficiently and effectively.

At Centerpoint, IBM is our first choice for server and storage line products. We have extensive knowledge and certifications for the full IBM x86 product line. We choose IBM because it is price competitive, delivers industry leading value, support and superior design. IBM System x and BladeCenter x86 systems deliver top performance, simple scalability, as well as extreme reliability.

The IBM x86 cloud solutions allow you to:

  • Rapidly deploy a comprehensive data center with minimal disruption,
  • Improve reliability and uptime with tested configurations that incorporate best practice architecture and design,
  • Reduce complexity with simplified management and support for heterogeneous environments,
  • Adapt to changing requirements with the ability to scale without major infrastructure changes
  • Improve business resiliency with an IT infrastructure designed to have no single point of failure

Whether you choose to deploy an integrated “quick start” solution, or do your own integration, Centerpoint and IBM x86 cloud solutions can help transform your data center into a highly responsive IT environment that can quickly react to changing business demands. Depend on Centerpoint for the cloud solutions computing infrastructure that will help lower costs and improve your return on your IT investment.


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