Introducing the most powerful, user-friendly disk storage systems in the marketplace

At Centerpoint, IBM is our choice for storage systems. IBM® Storwize® V7000 is a virtualized storage systems designed to consolidate workloads for simplicity of management, reduced cost, highly scalable capacity, performance and high availability. We recommend them because also they offer improved efficiency and flexibility through built-in solid state drive (SSD) optimization, thin provisioning and non-disruptive migration of data from existing storage. They can also virtualize and reuse existing disk systems—providing a potentially greater return on investment. Storwize V7000 supports integrated, Real-time Compression, enabling efficient storage of up to five times as much active primary data within the same physical space.

IBM PureFlex Systems

Simple to acquire. Simple to deploy. Fast time-to-value.

Centerpoint is an IBM business partner and fully supports the remarkable IBM PureFlex System. These systems are configured and optimized for application servers with supporting storage and networking. They are designed to support your key ISV solutions. Integrated into PureFlex Systems is the IBM Storwize V7000 storage system. It is designed for ease of use and rapid deployment. At the heart of your PureFlex System, Storwize V7000 can become a critical part of your highly efficient, highly capable, next-generation information infrastructure.


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