I-85 Bridge Collapse and Pending Repairs Have Local Business-Owners on Their Toes

Atlanta Information Technology Support experts are urging Atlanta business owners to get strategic in the face of disaster.

Last week, a massive fire caused a section of Atlanta’s Interstate 85 bridge to collapse prompting major traffic backlog. The blaze –supposedly set intentionally – resulted in significant damage and had Atlanta firefighters and recovery crews working overtime to contain the flames and control damage.

I85 Bridge Collapse

Though the arson suspects were arrested swiftly, state officials have announced that the wreckage from the fire will likely take several months to repair. Three different sections of the I-85 will need to be replaced – a whopping 350 feet of highway in total. The extended repair time will have huge impacts for the thousands of people who travel the I-85 daily and commuters have been warned to prepare for lengthy detours and crowded commutes for the foreseeable future.

When large-scale disaster’s like this happen local businesses are often left wondering how their organization’s productivity and livelihood will be impacted. Damaged routes, lengthily detours and long repair times pose huge accessibility problems for managers, employees and clients alike. Often business feels stalled – uncertain of how to ensure employees will remain connected and their day-to-day operations won’t take a hit.

The IT solutions specialists at Atlanta’s Centerpoint IT want to make one thing clear – disasters don’t have to mean detours for business. Whether it’s a freeway collapse, Snowmageddon or some other unexpected reason that staff members need to be connected with companies data remotely, Centerpoint IT has the resources to make it happen. External disasters shouldn’t impact a business’s ability to remain productive and Centerpoint IT has all the tools necessary for employees to securely access critical business systems from almost any internet connected device, from anywhere in the world.

The team of experts at Centerpoint IT have a wide variety of remote-access, business continuity solutions including:

  • Allworx VoIP mobile-first business phone systems,
  • Virtual desktops,
  • Electronic document management,
  • Secure remote security systems and more.

Centerpoint IT President, Chris Chao wants businesses to understand that they don’t need to suffer from situations out of their control. “In our modern business world, there are so many ways to remain ahead of the game when a local disaster strikes,” Chao says.

“So many companies feel stalled and simply stares at the problem. We want business owners to know they can leverage remote productivity technologies to keep their teams connected and productive.”

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about how Centerpoint IT can not only help them survive a disaster, but also thrive in any circumstance, please don’t hesitate to contact Centerpoint IT CTO, Wayne Gosselin to schedule an interview.

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