How to Earn in America and Live in Paradise


Despite the close shave of a Federal default, our currency still packs quite a punch in most other nations. That is part of what makes vacationing in gorgeous locales, such as Thailand and Costa Rica such a great deal. But what if you could actually live in one of these countries while working in the United States? What would that option be worth?

We can help you do that for yourself/your employees.

Dream Jobs at a Mid-size Business

The idea did not come from us but, like most of the best ideas, from a collaboration with a client. They are a travel agency with roughly 30 agents. But if you walk into their office here in Atlanta, you will not find anywhere near that many workstations. Where did their workforce go? Permanent work-vacation.

Because many of their positions are customer-service related, we were able to help them successfully transition from a traditional brick & mortar business to a global network of tech-savvy professionals. Their Atlanta office operates on a skeleton crew, which empowers them to afford class A office space.

Many of their employees have chosen to take advantage of the dollar’s premium value by moving off-continent, either down to South America or overseas, to Vietnam, where they live like royalty. It might sound like a dream, but the Internet was not even a dream 50 years ago. Technology makes strange and wild visions a reality.

How We Brought the Office to Vacation Territory

Our sophisticated Allworx voice-over IP phone services allow them to connect seamlessly between their office in Atlanta and agents anywhere in the world. Dialing in anyone on the network is instantaneous, and sound quality is on par with landlines.

Their clients cannot tell the difference.

Leveraging telecommuting technology has been proven to improve working conditions and help small and mid-size businesses become more competitive in the talent pool. Last month we looked at a summary of {findings on remote workplaces – Why Shift to a Remote Workforce in Atlanta}, which demonstrated the real value that telecommuting positions have for many young workers.

If you were choosing between a job that would allow you to work from anywhere in the world and another requiring a 45-minute commute in Atlanta traffic, which would you choose?

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