How An Allworx IP Phone Gave A CPA More Mobility

Is your Atlanta CPA firm using Allworx? How about some other VoIP phone system? Centerpoint IT is the top Allworx partner for CPA firms in the SE.

How An Allworx IP Phone Gave A CPA More Mobility

Is your accounting firm considering buying Allworx phones? In this guide, Centerpoint IT shows you how a CPA finally cut ties with their landline, and what you need to know first before pulling the plug.

A CPA Firm Reached Out Needing Allworx Installation Help

Recently we had a meeting with the staff at a local Atlanta CPA firm. They specialized in QuickBooks services and Business Tax services. Recently they purchased an Allworx IP Phone system for their accounting team.

According to Louise, the CPA we spoke with, she and her partners decided to install Allworx IP phones throughout the office. The other phones getting replaced were the traditional analog phones that required a landline. Their need for better phone mobility had increased, and the time had come to upgrade.

How An Allworx IP Phone Gave A CPA More Mobility

Installation and Setup Issues

Once the phones arrived and got unpacked, there were more questions than answers about installing and setting up the new phones. If you’re unfamiliar with setting up an IP phone, several steps need to occur first, and information to collect before you proceed.

That’s what Louise discovered, and none of the partners knew what to do either. One of the issues was understanding the terminology found in the installation instructions. For instance, none knew what a SIP headset was, or system extensions or call routing changes were.

Certainly not their fault. Any introduction to new technologies, especially switching from traditional analog, landline phones to a VoIP internet phone system, can be intimating at first. However, once we got them all set up the new features and flexibility of the Allworx phone, Louise was ready to pull the plug on their landline.

What Are Some Basic Allworx Phone Features Users Like To Change?

Once your phones are installed and setup, there are certain features each of your team members likes to change or adjust for themselves. Below we’ve listed the most common requests we get asked when Allworx phone users call in for assistance.

How do I:

  • Change my display name on the Allworx phone?
  • Transfer calls on my Allworx phone?
  • Remotely access my Allworx voicemail?
  • Listen to my voicemail on my phone?
  • Change my voicemail password?
  • Delete voicemail message on my phone?

For any additional questions about the phone features and what you can do, contact us. We’ll step you through the process.

Does My Phone Still Work In An Emergency?

That was a big concern for Louise too. We all know, the Atlanta Metro area, and throughout Georgia, we experience bad weather every year. And when it comes to emergencies, power outages, stormy weather, and VoIP phones, this is probably the #1 question we get asked all the time.

Our best answer is, “It depends.” When you’re using technology that connects to the internet, you need to be aware of precautions before switching over. For example, without the right IT support measures in place, your business phones may not work before a power failure or severe storm hits.

That’s where having an Allworx Disaster Recovery service in place. That service keeps your phones protected and operational during those unexpected events. We recommend, once the phones are completely installed, the next step is setting up a Business Continuity plan. That becomes the perfect way to prepare your phone systems for an emergency. Without it, there is no guarantee your phones will work.

What Benefits Come With An Allworx Disaster Recover Service?

With Centerpoint’s Allworx Disaster Recovery services, you’ll get many benefits, including:

  • Centerpoint prepares your company’s phone systems for any disaster that could affect their functionality, whether it be a natural occurrence, cybercrime, power outage, or human error.
  • We also provide full failover of your lost phone system to a new setup so that you and your staff can keep in touch with coworkers, clients, and other vital contacts.
  • We offer an unparalleled 2-hour response time to rebuild your lost phone system completely.

What Additional Questions Can We Answer About Your Allworx IP Phone?

As a CPA or the decision-maker at an accounting firm, you’ve either considered switching to an Allworx IP phone or have more questions. I invite you to take a moment and contact us. We have highly qualified VoIP phone consultants you can speak with who can answer all your questions.