How Agile Does an Atlanta Tech Start-up Need to Be?


One word: yoga.

Touching your toes is not enough these days. You need to be able to morph your business into a crane, duck or toad at a month’s notice. At least, that is what the last 7 years has taught us. Flexibility is key.

Stretch or be stretched.

There are two ways the tech market can happen. The only way that matters involves stretching your business from within (the easy way).

  1. Identify one or more individuals on your team who have vision – people who are constantly looking for the changes in technology as they happen.
  2. Listen to their vision on new products/services/markets.
  3. Take ideas from {listening to your customers – LINK to “Succeeding as an Atlanta Tech Start-up – If You Cannot Do What Your Customers Ask, Do It!”} or anticipating their needs.

We have succeeded primarily on the fuel of #3 and have recently made another decision based on that fuel.

Taking the Initiative: Docusign

We became one of the first Docusign resellers in Atlanta, because the software will help our customers.

Docusign enhances electronic capture of data, in part through power forms – forms available on the web, which tie back to your internal database, CRM, or ERP. Docusign also captures signatures digitally.

Business transactions are changing – even for companies that have been around for decades. Consumers already want to sign and pay on the spot. They want to use your website to track their transactions and store their data. Docusign enhances that process for any company and particularly those with remote workers – who collect signatures and interact with customers in the field. Our phone services already support remote workforces in Atlanta, so Docusign helps us help our customers.

Whether or not this new piece of software changes the world as we know it, our company is now in the pole position. We have learned that the companies that offer increased convenience and integration to their customers enjoy a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Those businesses who do not are… how do we say this… the weakest link.