Healthcare’s Alternative to Mergers and Acquisitions

Rapid changes in healthcare regulations and policy are changing the face of the industry. According to a BCC Healthcare Information Technology research report, expenditures on clinical healthcare IT technologies are projected to increase by an average of 18.7% per year through 2016.

In order to remain compliant and profitable, healthcare organizations are investing a vast amount of resources. As a whole, the industry is consolidating to share the cost and increase efficiency. The cloud helps these firms meet new technology needs with minimal staff and upfront investment.

How to Grow IT Functionality Without Adding Personnel

The goal is to make current human resources more effective, and the same goes for individual healthcare IT departments. The size of IT human resources either does not grow or diminishes while the organization’s technology expands, making maintenance and upkeep almost unmanageable.

The COO or CFO of our healthcare clients have put it bluntly: “I want to grow my top-line revenue and profitability. Technology can make the company more efficient and better able to produce, but I do not want to add any more staff than I have.” Our solution is a streamlined, managed service, so it requires very little work. In fact, many of our clients only need appoint one IT contact to their cloud services.

The Cloud Solution

It is impossible to replace an IT department. However, it is possible to augment the functionality of one. Outsourcing services to the cloud allows IT departments to spread the load and share the responsibility for the organizations tech. In return, IT staff-members can focus on their critical functions and keep systems running at optimal performance.

If your current staffers are unable to effectively maintain the systems they have, then consider outsourcing some functions to the cloud. Centerpoint enables cloud services, function by function, so you can push your IT infrastructure to the cloud one piece at a time.

Augmenting internal technology with cloud services not only improves the technological reach of a department, it can help the COO or CFO reach that new bottom line.