Give Your Atlanta Business Global Reach with These 2 New Collaborative Tools


The cloud has brought many enterprise-level features and functions to small and mid-sized businesses. Now, your biggest problem lay with identifying the right tools for you. In the last year we have identified two mission-critical tools that can help small or mid-size, multi-location businesses grow quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Virtual Conferencing and Training

Sharing a physical office location has many advantages that have been difficult to reproduce electronically, but iMeet brings many of these features to small and mid-sized businesses. The cloud-enabled virtual conferencing application boasts high-quality video, screen-sharing and a host of productivity tools. These create a truly modern and sophisticated, participatory conference experience, which brings employees together as though they were sitting in the same room.

The entire session can be recorded. DVR features allow full playback at any future date, so employees overseas can stay in the loop.

The same recording feature can also become a powerful training tool. Using the screen-share with the audio recording makes it easy to create customized walkthroughs for any task. These can be accessed by new employees anywhere around the world.

Secure Data-Sharing via Cloud Storage Services

Working with clients, vendors and contractors effectively often requires resource sharing. Except, how can you control the security features on shared resources without time-intensive planning or supervision?

We have identified Box as the Cloud Storage Service with the most sophisticated and convenient security features on the market for the lowest price. Large file transfers and full synchronization across devices and brands make the service ideal for BYOD businesses.

As a communications consulting firm for small and mid-sized companies, we are excited to offer both of these advanced solutions to our clients. These tools will save time, improve business functionality and help you thrive in today’s business world. If you would like to know more about either Box or iMeet, give us a call for a brief demo at no cost.