Get LinkedIn Responses

We all know the power of having good LinkedIn connections and communications. It means good business, to be able to hook up with colleagues and associates in and even beyond your industry. It’s even better when you can reach out to a prospective contact and say “Here’s who I am, and what I do” and get a favorable and profitable response. That’s the idea behind targeted LinkedIn connection requests, which have risen to the fore in the online business world in recent years as a popular way to use social media to make lucrative B2B connections.


Below are some sample LinkedIn connection “pitches” that you should find useful in getting the responses you desire.

  1. Hello, [name]. Your name came up as someone I should connect with, based on our mutual contacts in the __________ industry. I am hoping we can do business together. Please contact me here on LinkedIn or by email at:_________________________.
  2. Hello, [name]. I noticed you also worked at [or attended – could be their college, old company, group they belong to etc.] I thought it might make sense for us to connect on LinkedIn and see if we can work together or refer clients each other’s way.
  3. Hello, [name]. I noticed [something from their recent activity]. Thank you very much for sharing the article on [subject], I found it to be very helpful. Let’s connect, I look forward to reading more of your shares.

Be Engaging

Engaging a C-suite exec or other company representative personally will likely get you some attention as well. Ask about their interests or background, or perhaps even a school they attended or country they volunteered or worked in. For example:

  1. Hello, [name]. I saw your recent post on [activity, background, or interest]. That’s very interesting. I also did [your similar activity or interest] for a while. How did you like it? I would like to connect and talk more about this, and perhaps do some business as well.

Take the Initiative

Find a shared initiative, task, or project you and a potential LinkedIn connection are both passionate about, and focus your pitch on that:

  1. Is [initiative, project, etc.] on your radar? If this is a current initiative for you, we should connect and I will share a powerful [document, article, etc.] with you that I think you might find helpful. (Make sure you send the document or article when they connect).

Spot the Opportunity

So, you are surfing around on LinkedIn and you find an executive or professional who is looking to do something you specialize in. Or, they are engaged in something you are looking to get into, contract for, etc. Take the opportunity to reach out and seize the day with a LinkedIn introductory pitch like:

  1. Hello, [name]. I see you are involved in [activity, endeavor, service, etc.]. I am very interested in connecting with you on LinkedIn because I am looking for that exact [service, activity, endeavor] to [how it will benefit you or your company].


  1. I see you are looking for [service, activity, etc.]. Well, I just happen to [what duty of interest you perform]. Let’s hook up on LinkedIn – I would like to retain your services for [service], and perhaps we can do business together.

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