Focus More On Your Business And Less On Technology

Small business owners are overwhelmed by technology. New equipment, tools, and instruments have the ability to transform the flow of business, but they can also cause more headaches.

Integrating new tools into one coherent system is the biggest challenge of all. If business owners want to devote less time to technology, they should transition to IBM cloud based IT services and outsource the IT management to professionals.

Offloading IT

Consider the medical professional. Many doctors love new gadgets for their work, but getting everything to work cohesively can be a challenge. Add government regulations like HIPAA and PCI, non-IT employees will inadvertently spend more time with technology than with patients.

Technology shouldn’t inhibit businesses from doing what they want to do. Yet, it often ends up being a distraction. Before long, any new trend in technology that is potentially useful becomes another thing business owners have to deal with. Cloud services will streamline your IT so that upgrades, maintenance and expansions aren’t a headache.

Taking The Pain Out Of IT

The first step in improving your IT is recognizing and understanding what problems your system is experiencing. No one would buy a car that didn’t have a dashboard. At the very least, the gasoline gauge and the speedometer are indispensable tools for helping us drive. Alarmingly, many business’ IT systems are driving without a “dashboard” to keep them in the loop. Cloud technologies can help solve that problem. To start offloading IT, remote monitoring is crucial. Remote monitoring is like a real-time diagnostic system.

After gaining a general awareness of how the system is operating, we’ll want to ensure the health of basic computer functions like anti-virus, firewalls, backups and e-mail. Ensuring the health of basic computer functions will allow a doctor’s office to function on the most fundamental level, even if everything else happens to fall apart.

Business owners who haven’t heard of cloud technologies have tuned out the most important technology development since desktop computing. New software developments and improvements in networking speeds have made IT management easier and more powerful than ever before. We can help take away the pain in IT so that SMBs, like doctors, can get back to doing the things they love.

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