New Employee Productivity Tracking and Monitoring Tool Improves Staff Performance, Reduces Wasted Time

Maximizing employee productivity and minimizing wasted time is on every business owner’s mind these days. Recent statistics show the extent to which employees spend valuable work time on social media or video streaming sites, and the ensuing negative impact on businesses’ bottom lines.

Are Your Employees Spending Too Much Time on Facebook?

Many employers have implemented new rules on straying from tasks toward leisure activities on the company dime, but it’s clear that workers will still roam when tempted by social media sites or mobile apps on their phones or tablets – that is, unless they know they’re being tracked and monitored full time.

So, what can be done to curb the billions of collective company dollars wasted on employee idle time?

Well, Centerpoint has found a useful tool to help maximize staff productivity and keep to a minimum the number of hours wasted watching movies or checking social media. Veriato 360 is a proven business solution which Atlanta businesses can utilize for employee productivity tracking and monitoring and efficiency assurance.

Veriato is one of our recently-made technology partnerships, and part of our campaign to bring more business intelligence solutions to Atlanta businesses of all sizes. Because we’re all in this together and need to trim the waste that’s hurting so many organizations (and our economy), we’re here to present better tools and technology solutions for today’s overburdened business owners and executives.

Exploring some the features of the Veriato 360 employee monitoring tool gives you some idea of its scope and efficacy of keeping staff members on task and focused. The testimony of IT Authorities – a company which had serious issues with decreased employee productivity and implemented Veriato 360 on their network – clearly shows the beneficial effects this product has on/in the workplace. (Read the story at previous link.)

With tools like Veriato 360 monitoring user activity on your network, better business technology management extends beyond IT service for its sake and into the realm of human resource management, giving you the broadest (and more organic) spectrum of business intelligence solutions available.

Our business intelligence solutions offer everything from technology alignment and managed services to user activity management and employee incentivisation (being monitored throughout their workday, toward an eventual employee performance review), to give you a full plate of IT solutions for today’s workplace.

Need Help Keeping Your Employees Focused and On Task?

Veriato 360 is just one of many business intelligence tools Centerpoint provides for businesses in Atlanta. Opt-in today for increased staff productivity and far less wasted time and money by calling a Centerpoint IT consultant at 404.781.0200, or email us at to get started.