Email Defense

As your messaging environment expands across cell phones, PDAs, and other remote devices, new points of entry to your email network open up, leaving it increasingly vulnerable to malicious intruders and cyber-attacks.  Our on- premises or Hosted Email Defense solutions not only close the gaps in your extended network, but also reduce your compliance and legal risks with sophisticated email management capabilities.

Proactive Protection Against Cyber-threats, Downtime, Service Slowdowns, and Violations of Confidentiality

  • Comprehensive content filtering of incoming and outgoing messages and attachments blocks 99% of spam; shields against denial of service attacks, Web bugs, and exposure of proprietary and sensitive information.
  • Anti-spam rules and 24/7 monitoring prevent fraud and phishing attacks.
  • Advanced masking technology hides email servers from the public Internet-and the eyes of scammers and hackers.
  • Sophisticated anti-virus and worm detection guards digital assets and maintains network efficiency.

Secure, Feature-Rich Message Archiving

  • Audit trails and multiple levels of permissions prevent unauthorized access to confidential data and misuse of information.
  • Content-defined search options speed information retrieval.
  • Administrator-controlled retention rules simplify regulatory compliance.

Easy, Failsafe Backup and Recovery

Safeguard information from hard drive crashes, power outages and natural catastrophes with our Hosted Online Backup Services.